Achilles, the main character of this game, which is in the category of the best in fighting games, fights alone against enemy soldiers. How about you help him ?

How to play Achilles ?

The aim is to protect trojan and fight against enemy soldiers who are trying to conquer it. You will do this with the semi-god Achilles, and you will enjoy fighting until the end of the game. Achilles will need you because you are the one to direct it. In order not to leave him alone, you must start first.

First, you will see NORMAL MODE and SURVIVAL MODE buttons. One of them is the game of protecting Troy and the other is the game of survival. You will click NORMAL MODE and you will see the screen.

Achilles consists of 5 parts and there are 3 stages in each part. Finally, passing the third stage with success will get you through other sections. To start with the first part, you will press the SPACE button, you will get a short information about the game and you will come to the game screen by pressing the SPACE button again.

In the upper left corner of the screen, you will see the number of enemies you have to kill and how many lives you have. In the upper right corner, you will see in which section and in which stage you are. In the upper middle part, the number of enemies you killed will be written.

You will have 5 lives during the game. At the top of the game screen, you will see your name on the left and the name of the enemy soldier on the right. The strip with the name parts will start to become black with every hit. If the name of the name is completely black, it will die. So you should avoid blows and protect yourself very well.

The number of enemies you have to kill in the first scene will be 5. However, this number will increase in progressive scenes. You will provide the movement of your game character Achilles using the keyboard arrow keys. You will use left and right arrow keys for forward-backward, up key to jump and down arrow key to lean. At the same time, the T key will slap you with the spear and the Y key will kick you to attack the enemy. You can also do these movements using the W, A, S, D keys and 4-5 numbers.

To kill enemy soldiers, you need to get as close to them as possible. Some enemy soldiers will shoot you arrows. So you gotta be fast. In Achilles let your sword be sharp !