A Grim Chase

A Grim Chase is an intelligent puzzle game with an innovative concept. Now, how about doing brain training ?

How to play A Grim Chase ?

Your aim is to save your best friend Bunny. Bunny has fallen into the hands of scary creatures ! To save it, you have to go through the 20-part platforms one by one. In each level you will encounter a puzzle that you must solve. You will have done brain training while solving these puzzles. In normal mode, you will not have time limits, but you will race against time when you press the SPEEDRUN button you see on the first screen before starting the game. The sooner you complete the game, the sooner you will reach Bunny.

After pressing PLAY, you will see the moment when bad zombies kidnap your friend. From this section, you will press SPACE to go directly to the game, and you will chase zombies to save the captive Bunny.

When you start the game, you will see an orange passage on the screen. This passage will take you to another section. You will face various challenges to reach the gate and the next section will make you even more challenging than the previous one. We believe that you will overcome the difficulties one by one with your special skills.

You will use the arrow keys to move your character. You will press left and right to go back and forth, and up arrow to jump. Likewise, you can use W, A, D keys to move.

Your character will have special abilities. With the X, F and J key, you will drag your character's skull to where you want to take it. Then, by pressing the same button again, you will teleport to where the skull is located. You will overcome many difficulties in the sections thanks to this feature.

After 5 episodes in A Grim Chase, you will see zombies, not the orange crossover. For the passage to appear, you will destroy your character's skull by dragging it over the zombies. The disappearance of zombies will also reveal the orange gate and you will now be able to see the exit. After the 9th episode, these ugly creatures will turn blue. You will see blue flames on the screen to destroy bloodsuckers. The skull you will drag through the flame will turn blue and you will destroy the zombies in this way. The destruction of the zombies will reveal the passage again. Come on, don't waste time for your beloved friend Bunny. Good luck !