3 Pandas in Fantasy Unblocked

Are you on a pleasant journey with cute 3 Pandas In Fantasy ? They need you. You can help them and get them to the exit to save the endangered pandas.

How to play 3 Pandas In Fantasy ?

Your aim is to overcome the obstacles to reach 3 pandas to the exit. You can do this by following the instructions necessary to pass the sections. You should save not one or two, but all three of the panda. Press the PLAY button on the start screen to start the game. Then you will see a short slideshow of 3 pandas. The game will start after the slide show.

You will see the PLAY AND STOP icons in the upper left corner of the screen. When you click this icon on the right side of the icon and left side; Play, exit, play sound and episode levels (NORMAL, MEDIUM, DIFFICULT).

When you enter the game, you will see the old man who prepared the potion and 3 pandas trapped in different places. You will be given some clues before you start to save them. When you follow these tips in turn, all 3 panda will be saved. You're lucky you won't compete against time ! As long as you follow the tips, you will see that the obstacles come spontaneously like a ripping sock.

All three pandas will have their own abilities. You will have the opportunity to use these skills in different sections. You will need 1 panda in one section, 2 panda in another section and 3 panda in another section. You have to be careful and don't miss the clues. To move the pandas, move the mouse pointer to the left and press the left key and you can also move the pandas one by one. To do this, you want to move the panda will click on that panda. Use the left mouse button to unlock clues. 3 Pandas In Fantasy good luck…