1 on 1 Soccer


Did you ever say I scored that goal ? Football is more than a sport. Who knows, maybe you're more than just an ordinary football fan. Show your skill and send all the balls to your opponent's nets !

How to play 1 On 1 Soccer ?

Race against the clock ! 1 On 1 Soccer, as the name implies, is a one-on-one football game. The team that scored the most goals in the given 2-minute period will win. Why can't you be the winner ? You will be able to play the game alone or share this excitement with your friend.

After you press the Play button, you will select your team. If the computer will manage the opposing team, not the human, you will need to check the box next to the 'computer' icon in the lower right corner. If you do not select the option, a friend will have to control the opposing team. Press the Start button to start the game. The top and right corners of the screen will include the name and score of the team players. At the top center of the screen you will see the playing time. The opponent is fast ! You're gonna have to be faster so you don't lose. Dont forget ! You'll have two minutes. During this time, as we mentioned before, the most goals scored, will be defeated his opponent !

1st team will use the A and D keys to move back and forth, and the W key to jump. Second team will press the up and down keys to jump, while the right and left direction keys to jump back and forth. We wish you luck in this game where you will experience the thrill of 1 on 1 Soccer football !