A-Rod Signs 10 Year Deal


"NEW YORK -- Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees have agreed to the outline of a record $275 million, 10-year contract, a deal that potentially would allow him to earn millions more if he sets the career home run record.

The amount of the guaranteed money was revealed by a person familiar with the negotiations who spoke Thursday on condition of anonymity because the deal hasn't been finalized. A-Rod and his wife met Wednesday in Tampa, Fla., with brothers Hal and Hank Steinbrenner, but the parameters of the agreement were set in place last weekend."


Obviously, this is a pretty big shock to everyone, including myself.  Who would have ever thought that Alex Rodriguez would swallow his pride, circumvent his agent and return to a team for much less money than he was reportedly seeking?  As a yankee fan, you've got to be excited.  Now we don't have to trade for Miguel Cabrera, which does a couple things.  First it helps keep our stable of prospects and young stars intact.  Secondly, because we kept those young guys, it gives us more pieces to bid for Johan Santana.  That auction will most likely start around the Winter Meetings.  All in all, a good day for Yankee fans.


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