GM Meetings Begin in Orlando

Monday - Not a whole lot to report here yet.  There is a chance that the entire week could go by without any substantial Yankee news happening.  After all, these aren't the Winter Meetings.  Peter Abraham's blog did have this nice tidbit about the likelihood of Andy Pettitte's return:

"The general managers just went into a dinner. I stopped Brian Cashman and he said nothing had happened yet, but to check back with him later.

“What about Andy Pettitte?” I asked.

“I have a good hunch,” he said with a smile.

“C’mon, give me something,” I shot back.

“It’s just a hunch,” he said.

That was that. Damn you, Brian Cashman.

Based on his smile. I suspect Pettitte is coming back. But then that has seemed likely right along. I’m working on getting his agents and will report back what I find out."

Tuesday - So much for Monday's good news about Andy Pettitte.  Late last night, he informed the Yankees that he has Declined his option for 2008.  Bad news for the Yankees as it seems Andy is leaning toward retirement.

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