Andy Pettitte Declines His Option


"ORLANDO, Fla. -- Andy Pettitte declined his $16 million option with the New York Yankees, still uncertain whether he wants to pitch next season.

'I have spoken with Brian Cashman, who has reiterated what Hank Steinbrenner said about the Yankees wanting to give Andy all the time he needs to decide about next season," Pettitte's agent, Randy Hendricks, said Monday in an e-mail to The Associated Press. 'Accordingly, we are declining to exercise the option for 2008 and Andy will declare free agency in order to free up a roster spot for the Yankees.

If Andy decides to play, I am confident we can reach an agreement with the Yankees within 24 hours. The only options, as Andy has stated, are the Yankees or retirement. He appreciates the Yankees' willingness to give him the time he feels he needs. I do not expect him to make a decision for quite some time.'"  Source-ESPN

This worries me.  Andy Pettitte is a classy guy, someone you can take at his word.  So when he says he will pitch for the Yankees or retire, you can take it to the bank.  Unfortunately for Brian Cashman and the Yankees, it looks like the retirement option might be winning.

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