Man Room

The Lower Level, a.k.a. The Man Room.  When we moved in only the dry wall was done down here.  Over the past year, we've put the texture and paint on the walls & ceilings, had carpet installed, did trim, all interior doors and electrical, and put in a wet bar. This is the view when you first walk in. We have full exposure with a walk-out to the lower deck.


Pic 1--Close up of DH's bobble head collection. Pic 2: DH's high school football helmet, and above it a b&w pic of his HS football team that I had enlarged as a surprise for him.


Coffee table DH built a couple years ago. These are pics of the tabletop, which we did together. We cut out various b&w sports pictures from a book, pasted them on the wood and then poured a clear epoxy over it. It turned out so neat! Then he added casters so it's more mobile, and I upholstered the sides.


View of the other side of the room. You can see the wet bar on the left and DH's "poker table" in the center. The door in the background is the 5th bedroom. We bought unfinished cabinetry for the bar area and stained it ourselves. We did 2 coats of walnut stain and one coat of mahagony to get this cappuccino similar to our entertainment center


The hallway leading back up to the steps. The first door to the left is the 3/4 bath, the longer doors is a large storage closet.

Other side of the hallway leading back up to the stair. DH's Wall of Fame--autographed sports photos. The door at the end of the hall is to the laundry room and storage. Close-up of DH's Wall of Fame.       

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