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Several NSIDC Monthly Extent-Area comparisons

posted Sep 2, 2012, 7:43 AM by SekeRob
Pulled from the archives and updated the months of June, July, August from 1979. Very strong declines of ice extent and area is observed. Actually the area decline is dropping faster indicating a further weakening of the sea ice... less and less multi-year ice, and first year ice formed in winter to hardly be thick enough to survive the next melt season. 2012 was an unremarkeble weather year except for a dubbed Great Arctic Cyclone - 2012. A Cold Core Cyclone that can only form when there's lots of warm air flowing into the arctic and vertical transport to the upper tropospheric layers, coupled with Coriolis influence, turning into a cyclone of Atlantic proportions. See . They are *not* to occur in summer, but rather a winter phenomena of the polar region.