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Annual Greenhouse Gas Index - Update 2010

posted Aug 18, 2012, 8:33 AM by SekeRob   [ updated Aug 18, 2012, 8:45 AM ]
Had not updated this chart found on the Atmospheric Gases page [left margin menu] for nearly 2 years, awaiting the 2011 final number additions. Did now move ahead and added the 2010 data. This year the energy due to net greenhouse gas increases, [expressed in Watts], increased by 1.4% over 2009. With the base reference of 1990 Kyoto treaty set at 1.000, humanity already increased the energetic effect of GHG's by factor 1.290, or a rounded 0.3 Watts added to the atmosphere. CO2 on it's own is about 395 parts per million, volume [ppmv] at the moment, mid 2012. Come later autumn, that number will go up again as the Northern Hemisphere growth season comes to an end. It has been doing so at the rate of about 2 ppmv per annum, net. Particular interest for 2o11 is the CH4 component [methane gas]. There's an increasing outgassing observed from the Arctic Ocean and surrounding permafrosted land-regions [Siberia, Northern Canada/Alaska] which scientist such as Semiletov research and follow closely. This gas, though shorter lived in the open air, has an initial GHG effect, 100 times more powerful than CO2, and 23-25 times the effect over it's full residency period in the atmosphere.