Just a bunch of charts depicting changes in Sea Ice, Snow cover, Sea & Land & Global Temperatures, Green House Gases, any piece of data that can be captured in a graphical representation, the way I like it, glossy, and packed to the brim with legends, data labels, and appended tables where suitable. Oh, and of course, let's not forget the sun that has been in a decline since the fifties of the previous century, but in output is pretty much flat as a pancake... just 0.05% up and down from the mean over it's full cycle. Where we are,  the Milankovic triple movement is much more important... it's the main reason so thought why the Holocene Climate Optimum [HCO] was [likely] warmer than present. Mankind in it's genetically 'loaded' drive for more more more, is though working hard to have that HCO optimum, the Eocene , the past tens of millions of years put in the shade, in terms of temperature rise, and speed at which that is progressing. Not worried about Man injected GHG into the atmosphere and the other piles of environmental polution? You better be!