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Width x Length

3m x 7m
3m x 6m 
 $40 $40$39
Will hold the contents of 3-4 bedroom house.  (45 cu m.)
= Single garage
3m x 4.5m
 (33 cu m.)
3m x 3.5m
 $33 $31
= bedroom
 (26 cu m.)
3m x 3m
 $30 $32$29
 Hold contents of 2 bedroom flat (22 cu m.)
3.5m x 2m
(17 cu m.)
3m x 2.25m
(16 cu. m.)
3m x 1.5m
 $20 $20$20Affordable, easy to stack  (11 cu m.) = garden shed
 Open Yard
 $12   Caravans,cars etc.

All prices are per week and  include GST. A refundable key deposit applies.