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Dianne DeNardo is All Species Nurse!
                                             Dianne DeNardo, MHI, BSN, RN, CVT, LATg

Dianne comes from a very diverse background in human and animal nursing. She has an Associates of Science in Nursing from Rio Salado College in Arizona (AAS), a  Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from Arizona State University (BSN) and Masters in Healthcare Innovation (MHI) from Arizona State University. She is both a registered nurse (RN), and a Certified (licensed) Veterinary Technician (CVT) through Arizona State Medical Boards with various certifications and/or continuing education in animal specialties such as CVDT (dermatology), wildlife rehabilitation and safe capture, veterinary nutrition, veterinary anesthesia, research (LATg), as well as a certificate in "Human Participants Protection Education for Research Teams" sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). She also maintains multiple other certifications necessary for the varied credentialed medical institutes she works with and for within human and animal hospitals (ACLS, PALS and BLS).


Dianne is interested in the development and the collaborative efforts shared within academic institutes, biomedical research and allied health care industries that the general public may benefit from. Her interests include implementation, intervention and teaching strategies with clinical applications while identifying the response to treatments using evidenced based practice methods in human and animal medicine.

Dianne has created All Species Nurse as a new form of health care organization that the general public can utilize as a resource that promotes health education. The team purpose is to interact with individuals in the community and through affiliated healthcare facilities to provide specialized services, as well as assisting clients by providing education in an effort to take care of oneself and/or pets, or as a liaison to promote health and communication between the patient and medical care provider.

Professionals can become members of or professionally recommended by All Species Nurse that will assist the general public in ensuring their unique needs are met. Please e-mail 
All Species Nurse for details of how to become a member.

Where is she now?
Dianne can be found everywhere, especially around the valley in Arizona rescuing wildlife while educating the public through state-funded agencies! She's
also found at Private and State Universities and Junior colleges either training the next generation of medical professionals or involved in the latest medical research involving metabolic and endocrine disorders.

Currently, All Species Nurse is working with hospitals around the valley in integrating pets to aid in the promotion of patient well being during their stay at hospitals. This is separate from pet therapy. Patient's have pets too! Patient healing may be affected if they are worried about their pets, especially if they do not have family members to rely on to care for them. All Species Nurse believes these pets need to be cared for in a cost effective, safe environment and be provided with potential housing rights on hospital premises, as part of the patients' healing environment. The benefit is obvious: owners that are hospitalized may visit with their pet on the hospital premises, or pets are cared for at the patients' home or other safe place until the patient is discharged and can be reunited with their pets.

Raising awareness:
All Species Nurse TM includes a resource page ( that directly links the public to existing websites to assist in learning about disease processes, so one can determine what questions to ask the medical care provider. Please refer to the policies and disclaimers with the All Species Nurse resource sites for conditions and terms of services.

If you need help or would like a nurse to come with you to your doctor's visits, inquire within 'All Species Nurse' ( to see what we can do to help.

Lastly, All Species Nurse TM is a huge advocate for all living things, especially
vulnerable human and animal populations and the environment. The biggest encouragement is to "Get Involved; Join a Cause!" to increase awareness and inspire others for ongoing support for various organizations that share common goals, like Anti-Bullying efforts. She works with multiple organizations and agencies to accomplish efforts that advocate for all vulnerable populations.

Best regards,

All Species Nurse

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