Toilet tank lid repair. Cast iron drain pipe repair. How to repair a wall.

Toilet Tank Lid Repair

toilet tank lid repair
    toilet tank
  • (Toilet Tanks) Are federally mandated to use no more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. There are two styles of flushing systems, pressure-assisted and gravity-flush. Flush levers can be positioned on the side, front or top of the tank.
  • The fixture reservoir for flushing water. On a conventional toilet, the ballcock, flush valve and trip lever are installed in the tank. A tank lid closes the top tank opening.
  • Toilet tank is the reservoir or holding tank where water is held to allow flushing of the toilet.  Not all toilets have toilet tanks. Many public restrooms use water pressure to flush the toilet and do not rely on an attached toilet tank.
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toilet tank lid repair - American Standard
American Standard 735113-400.222 Townsend And Doral Classic Champion 4 Tank Cover (Use With 2733, 27
American Standard 735113-400.222 Townsend And Doral Classic Champion 4 Tank Cover (Use With 2733, 27
American Standard 735113-400.222 Townsend And Doral Classic Champion 4 Tank Cover (Use With 2733, 2735, 2058, 2076, 2074) LinenAmerican Standard 735113-400.222 Townsend And Doral Classic Champion 4 Tank Cover (Use With 2733, 2735, 2058, 2076, 2074) Linen Features:; Toilet tank cover only; For use with Townsend; and Doral Classic; Champion; 4 toilet models 2733, 2735, 2058, 2074, 2076; Vitreous china; Linen; Easy Installation: Yes; EverClean; Surface: Yes; Flush Rate: 1.6 GPF; Flushing Method: Gravity; Flushing System: Champion 4; Mounting: Floor Mounted; No Plunge Technology: Yes; Shape: Elongated; Speed Connect: Yes; Toilet Flush Valve: Best; Toilet Outlet: Best; Toilet Performance: 1000; Type: Two-piece; Warranty: 10 years

79% (10)
Mom's Planter
Mom's Planter
My mom had an eclectic taste for gardening. When she was alive and healthy, it was a hodge-podge, but it worked. Her grandson called it her own little piece of the Philippines. This is a great example of her work. This toilet tank was actually in another part of the yard and had a rose cutting growing out of it. Later, a loquat (a type of fruit) fell from a tree that was located just to the right of the photo along the fence. The fruit grew into what you see now. Unfortunately, this planter was soon dismantled and thrown into the dumpster that I rented to clear out the yard. Some friends said that it was a pity that we unable to incorporate it into the new landscaping, but we just couldn't see it next to our California native plant bed....
Antique oak toilet tank
Antique oak toilet tank
This old oak toilet tank came out of a Portland Arts and Craft house built in 1900. It was dirty, stained and bounded for the dump when I interviened. With a little elbow grease, sand paper and spar varnish I spiffed it up and planted colius in it. The original copper liner is still perfect condition so it holds potting soil/water without damage to the wood. I put a piece of screen over the drain hole in the bottom so the soil doesn't fall out the bottom. It even has the original porcelain handle, though it is a bit cracked.

toilet tank lid repair
toilet tank lid repair
American Standard 4142601.178 Yorkville Flushometer 1.1 GPF Toilet Tank with Locking Lid - Black
EverClean surface inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew on surface. High efficiency, Ultra low consumption (1.1gpf/4.2Lpf). Close-coupled Flushometer tank. Speed Connect tank/bowl coupling system. 100% Factory flush tested. ADA: Yes. Configuration: 2 Piece, Tank Only. Depth: 9". Flush Type: Pressure Assisted. Gallons Per Flush: 1.1. Height: 14.25". Length: 9". Material: Vitreous China. Rough In: 4. Seat Included: No. Theme: Contemporary / Modern, Traditional / Classic. Trip Lever Placement: Left. WaterSense Certified: Yes. Width: 20.5". Finish: Black.