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Laptop Repair Uk

laptop repair uk
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Hi folks, Sorry i haven't been active the last week as my laptop had to go back to the company for repair. Being a truck driver this is causing me problems as i have no way to access the net apart from my mobile phone :( This means that i can only comment at the weekends for the next few weeks. Whilst i’m here i would like to say that sometimes i upload from a mobile phone these images are not creative and i don’t expect anyone to comment on them. These photos are meant for my family to view. I can’t set privacy to family only, just on mobile uploads so these images will be viewable to all. I can’t then set them to private after upload as i will not have access to flickr. Please ignore them and i will mark them mobile. I will comment on images at the weekends but as you can imagine i can’t really go back and comment on images i have missed (wife needs to go shopping sometimes ) Hopefully ill get my laptop back soon and all will be well. Thanks for reading and all your comments.
Fixing Dell XPS M1330 laptop
Fixing Dell XPS M1330 laptop
The LCD screen on my laptop got damaged while transiting through LA airport. The laptop problem was diagnosed in Auckland and I had several quotes ranging from ?240 - ?460 for the repair in the UK. With a little bit of coercion from my brother, I decided to take the plunge and repair it myself using a part purchased from eBay (I was fortunate to see this part put up for sale at a very good discounted price). And now the black vertical bar is banished for good! This laptop has a very fragile screen - I probably opt for a more ruggedized laptop/netbook for travelling now!

laptop repair uk