How to repair a lcd screen : Leaking pvc pipe repair : How to repair a fiberglass canoe.

How To Repair A Lcd Screen

how to repair a lcd screen
    lcd screen
  • A liquid crystal display (LCD) is a thin, flat electronic visual display that uses the light modulating properties of liquid crystals (LCs). LCs do not emit light directly.
  • (LCD screens) for the GameCube have been made by a variety of manufacturers (Intec, Mad Catz, Zenith) that snap onto the GameCube and thus allow you to play it without a television. This would make it somewhat portable for taking it on trips or in the car.
  • The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is the small screen on the rear of many digital cameras. The LCD is used as a viewfinder, to compose images and to check images after exposure. You can use the LCD for viewing and editing images.
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  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations
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Power Board & Video Board
Power Board & Video Board
Here is the rear section of monitor cabinet and metal enclosure containing the power, video, and USB boards. The power board (left) mounts in the upside down position above the now hidden USB board. The smaller board on the right is the video board. Also the cable along the top edge of the metal enclosure & small power button board can be seen at top-left. Two small screws attach the power button to the front bezel. How To Open Cabinet: This is the most difficult part of the repair and you will need a helper. Also, use a cupcake baking tin for all of the removed screws and write a note for each group of screws as to their original locations. Many screws look similar and it can get confusing during re-assembly. Place the monitor face down on a clean flat surface. Remove (3) screws along the bottom edge. Insert the blade of a small pen knife into the joint just below the power button to get an opening started. Insert a screwdriver blade into the opening and gently twist to get a larger opening. Now insert a sucker stick (or Q-Tip handle) to retain the space. Slide the pen knife along the joint to find the next plastic snap point. Insert screwdriver blade and gently twist again to widen the space. Continue sliding the pen knife and screwdriver working your way across the bottom of monitor cabinet. Once the bottom is apart, carefully do the sides as you lift the plastic over the menu buttons. Careful not to disturb the seating of the menu buttons as they fall away easily. Finally, pull apart along the top edge to separate the front bezel from cabinet. Remove two screws holding the power button board to front bezel. Stand the monitor on it's side and Remove (4) screws, one at each corner, and move the LCD screen away from monitor body a couple of inches. While your helper supports the LCD screen, unplug (5) connecting cables that join the LCD screen to the power & video boards. Do this by inserting a small flat blade screwdriver into the side of plug to release the retaining tab. This retaining tab or holding clip is located at the center of the plug. You can't get a tool on it so gently pull up on plug wires to remove plug. Do not use pliers as this tool will slip off plug and damage wiring. If plug will not come out, the retaining tab (locking tab) is still grasping the plug. The two small plugs are usually easy to remove. But with the larger plugs, if they won't release, twist small (eyeglass size) screwdriver blade to break the tab away. I usually break these off since access is very limited. Place the LCD screen face down on a flat surface away from your work area. Finally, remove several screws to open the metal chassis cover. Three (3) screws are the metal type and the others for plastic. Make a mark on the metal box to show which holes are for the metal screws vs plastic. To get power board out, remove a screw at each corner and the screw attaching the ground wire to the metal chassis. Lift the power board out by sliding the AC power connector up through the metal slot.
Disconnect three cables
Disconnect three cables
When you get the crack wide enough using the knife, you might want to use a gitar pick or another knife to gently widen the gap. The screen + frame should lift up fairly easy. The next step is to disconnect the three cables conveniently labeled 1, 2 and 3. Use the knife to do this. Be careful, don't use too much force. 1 and 2 lifts straight up, but number 3 is a littlebit different. On some phones there is a tiny white flap that holds the last cable in place (on my iPhone this "flap" is black), and you have to gently lift it up. Then the last cable should slide out easily. You have now separated the glass+lcd+frame from the body of the iPhone. Sweet! Now try putting it all back together again before continuing, so you know how it should feel when you do it for real.

how to repair a lcd screen