EPISCOPAL? What's That?

The Episcopal Church is all about basic Christianity. Following Jesus is at the root of all we do. The Episcopal Church traces its roots back to the earliest followers of Jesus. Each generation of Jesus’ followers learns, then passes on teachings and practices that help others know and follow God, based on what Jesus said, taught, and did.   

The Church has found that God is best known through reading and telling stories from scripture, in the baptismal waters of new birth, by sharing in Jesus’ table fellowship of bread and wine, and through people who take special care of the life and traditions of the church.

The Episcopal Church is a part of the Anglican Communion.  The Anglican Communion is a large family of churches around the world (77 million members) that trace their faith history through the early church in England.  The Episcopal Church traces its faith history back through the very beginnings of the United States to the time of the colonies.  As a part of the Anglican Communion, our church is connected to the long history of the church in England, which in turn, is tied to the Christianity of Europe and from there, to the earliest Jesus-followers in Jerusalem.

Remembering all these connections to the faith, through those who have gone before us, helps us realize that our faith in Jesus is not ours alone. It is a gift given to us by God who has inspired and enabled a generation in each age to pass on this devotion and love for God through the life and teachings of Jesus.


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