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top fashion brand names
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  • (Fashion brands) Historically considered a masculine habit, the feminization of smoking occurred in tandem with the advent of fashion brands or premium brands of cigarettes specifically marketed toward women who see the use of these brands as a way to increase or enhance their sexual appeal.
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top fashion brand names - Brand Royalty:
Brand Royalty: How the World's Top 100 Brands Thrive & Survive
Brand Royalty: How the World's Top 100 Brands Thrive & Survive
"Ideal for executives or PR pros who which to learn about successful brands through practical examples," PR Week. "Highly entertaining and full of fascinating facts ... stuffed with ideas, some overt, some implied, that anyone working in branding and advertising will find useful," Research A natural companion to Matt Haig's bestselling Brand Failures, Brand Royalty is a comprehensive collection of successful brand stories. Entertaining and thought-provoking, it helps readers identify the factors behind each success. Haig devised a list of the world's 100 most successful brands, using such criteria as financial success, longevity and innovativeness. His list covers companies as varied as Adidas, "the performance brand," and Coca-Cola, "the ultimate brand" and everything in between, providing invaluable insight into the branding efforts of Ford, IKEA, Gucci and Ben & Jerry's. Includes comments from consumers, psychologists, ad executives, academics and business owners.

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Jiver Anatomy
Jiver Anatomy
Jivers are the newest pop-cultural fad though truly a subculture of preps born West Coast US. Jivers were preppy kids who started getting into the club scene and I mean preps from high society! Not the cliquies of our schools. Jivers went clubbing crazy as did our young teen idol celebrities did. As they realized they were given weird looks they decided to redesign their appearance to be more club like. They took up fashions such as the fedoras because Michael Jackson supported fedoras as a fashion item for his acts on stage and music videos. Justin Timberlake wore fedoras too making it extra popular to do so! They took their usual school uniforms adding flashy wristbands and then wore converse shoes. However by the late 00's Martin Margiela decided to redesign the old classic mobster shoes into a tennis shoe ordeal creating his own brand of hip shoes. Preppy clubbers also get the newest dress shirts and neck-ties that were graphic made. Then along came dress slacks to increase their newest fashion! People referred to their look as 'jiving' thus the name was adopted and they called themselves Jivers, this subculture had been happening all last decade but only known in the high society. Now it is worn by all preppy hipsters, cliquie Jivers which some cool kids might call 'the new Preps!' A strange history lesson is in order: in 1870 at the opening of the industrial era known as the post-modern times, pop-culture was born in a small way. The first major pop-culture fad was Cabaret, women wore corsets and fishnet stockings as well as top hats, silk long gloves and early hooker boots. Sometimes they wore dresses over the bottom half of the corset to be a little more modest. Men wore the early pimps outfit otherwise known as the 'townie' look. After the 1870's decade the fad wore out its value and people moved on to something else. in the 40's the zazzy look was basically the cabaret look redesigned and recycled but in a more puritan fashion sense. The zoot suits were introduced then for all men to wear, women did a dancer's dress and flapper skirts. Not only the most romantic decade but also the most culture sensitive decade of all! What's funny is that 7 decades earlier, the cabaret thing was a big deal. now in the 010's as we live, 7 decades after the zazzy craze died out we have the Jiver fad. It does seem a revived version of the zazzy look only more of a new century look. Girl jivers again dress in skirts but nothing that is short enough to be sexually inviting. Just short as most casual short skirts we have. It is certain once this decades wears out so will this fashion! The look: Head - A fedora with a ribbon or a glittery head band attached. Torso - Graphic dress shirt, generally featuring angel wings with dragons or what have you. Most often a brand name shirt. The neck tie is also graphical but more a cascade of colors. Wrists - Very flashy wristbands, some may be the old 90's snap-ons, some may the be button ons, some might be the clip on hard plastic ones; they also range in feature, from glittery disco ball look to glow in the dark to mood band to laser light ups. Bottoms - dress slacks as introduced, bearing the sturdy and hard jean material while being light and silky as pajamas or slacks. Most of them are a remake of the khaki cargos from the 90's, a poor immitation. Feet - the Martin Margiela brand shoes that cross classic mobster shoes with tennis shoes of today, just more hipsterness for them! There you have it, the ironic coincidence of preps adopting a lifestyle and fashion sense they don't normally roll with! Personally it beats the wigger look by a true long shot, not even girls have an excuse to look like ho's nowadays! The true Jiver culture is like preppy culture except they aren't snobby or culture sensitive. They like outrageous fashions like Lady Gaga who is their idol! They love clubbing every weekend or on special holidays. Some even like to run and host public school raves! They like shopping for flashy things even for some futuristic gadgets... After all the future age is upon us. A trend spawned from this culture called Flashies are basically chicks who are poking fun at manly nature as Emos did toward femnine nature. Flashies are also into lesbo liplocking, doing guy activities, wearing body paint on their arms and showing off their accessories. Jivers drink wine from the bottle and not from a glass since they aren't trying to be fab in etiquette. They are overall the new conformists, they gain popularity and become popular through in-school dance-offs. Basically the hottest/best dancer gets status in the 'in-crowd' while the suckers get ignored. They become prom king and queen also through their skilled dancing abilities. My view is that they are another annoying teeny bopper conformists culture. Yet at least they won't be nearly half as annoying!
A.D. Studios Shapes - Beach Babe + Harajuku Girl Glamour Shot
A.D. Studios Shapes - Beach Babe + Harajuku Girl Glamour Shot
Promotional shot for my new shape store under the A.D. Studios brand name. Both shapes are currently available for sale in my store – second tab down of my picks in world. This shot was a major pain in the behind, not because of the shoot so much as because of the post-work that had to go into it. Oh well, at least I figured out how to duplicate the floral brush effect I used as a light frame on another shot. That first time was a fluke, this one was deliberate! Incase anyone’s curious, the technique I used for this shot was to take a shot of the background (MM Skins at Glam World, one of my favourite locations), then to shoot the two figures separately on a green screen and insert them over top. I have to say, Tillie’s new posestand? My god! What a godsend! Description: Employer – A.D. Studios Backdrop – Minnu Model Skins’ front windows, Glam World. Photographer – Scar Ayres Models (Left to Right) – Scar Ayres, Scar Ayres. Harajuku Girl (Left) Skin – Tuli – S5 Tan (Sweet 2) Shape – A.D. Studios Shapes – Harajuku Girl. Eyes – Simtropia – Brown (Deep) Hair – Philotic Energy – Nat (Black) Top – Last Call – Editorial Corseted Top (Sapphire) Skirt – Blaze – Columbia Suit Skirt (Black) Stockings – Sheer – Nylon Tights (Leaves) Necklace – Gianetti – Pearl Knotted Necklace (South Sea Black) Shoes – Maitreya – Slinky Stilettos (Patent Black & Purple) Pose – Maitreya – CCModelPose08 Other – NanoGunk Photo Smile, A.D. Studios Photography Lights - Triple Beach Babe (Left) Skin – Naughty Designs –Alina (Vintage, Dangerous Eyelashes) Shape – A.D. Studios Shapes – Beach Babe Eyes – Simtropia – Brown (Deep) Hair – Cake – Rumour (Mocha) Top – Armidi Limited – Jet Setter Tee (Black) Pants – Cake – Sunset Blvd Jeans (Black, Skinny) Scarf – Last Call – Head Hunter Flexi Neck Scarf (tinted red) Purse – Celestial Studios – Hobo Bag (Patent Cherry) Shoes – Fuel – Tainted Spring Unique Edition (Blood Shot) Pose – Imperial Elegance – IE_Wall_02 Other – NanoGunk Photo Smile, A.D. Studios Photography Lights - Triple

top fashion brand names
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