Prayer Calendar

Prayer suggestions for October

1    Earl of Shaftesbury –
      Social Reformer

      Simon and Louise

2    Our flower arrangers

3    WaterAid and our Harvest Donation

4    Psalm 6,8 I love the house where

      you live O Lord, the place where

      your glory dwells.  Harvest Lunch

5    The sick. The work of the hospice

6    William Tyndale
The Christian press – Church Times,
      CofE Newspaper, etc.

7    The Ministry Team

8    Refugees in camps in Syria, Lebanon etc.

9    The Archbishop of Canterbury

10   Refugees, including Christians,  travelling to Europe

11   Psalm 22,11 Do not be far from

       me, O Lord, for trouble is near

       and there is no-one to help      

12   The sick

       Bible Study, 3 Netley Dell

13   Our Organists

14   Mothers’ Union –  talk about Gambia.

       Refugees crossing the  Mediterranean

15   The Unemployed

16   Simon and Louise



17   Working together in the

       benefice of St Paul’s/All Saints’  

18   St Luke’s Day

       Luke 10,17 The seventy two       
        returned  with joy and said
       ‘Lord, even the demons
        submit to us in your name’.

19   The sick. Macmillan Nurses.

20   Divided families

21   Gemma and Amanda

22   Our PCC

23   Those living in  Harvest Court, Willian

24   Our own Bible reading.

       The work of the Scripture Union    

25   Bible Sunday

       2 Timothy 3,16 All scripture is

       God-breathed, and is useful for

       teaching, correcting, and

       training in righteousness, so that

       the man of God may be

       thoroughly equipped

       for every good work.

26   The sick.

       Bible Study, 25 Greenway

27   Simon and Jude, Apostles.

       Our Government,  local and national

28   Our children and grandchildren

29   Those who live alone

30   Our Churchwardens

31   Martin Luther

        The work of  The Children’s Society.