The Church on The Hill


Baptism  (By appointment - Sundays at 11am )

(Free - but donation requested ( $20+)  to cover printed materials)


(Fees starting at $600  - contact office for full details)


(Fees to be paid through the Funeral Director, further donations may be made) 

                        (All  Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals are only by arrangement)    on    02   4332 2374

                                    ( with seating for about 200 + hall available on request, extra costs are involved for Hall use)

                        Healing Ministry  - all Welcome, Tuesdays at 10am,     just drop in!

                    This is a small service where you can have personalised prayer for Healing requests.

                            EVERYONE is welcome.  


Weekly Bible Studies Groups   

              :- Men's Study on at 11am after Church on Sundays in the church Hall.

:- Discovery your Bible - ask the questions you want to know about your Bible  2pm Wed - for anyone...  beginners to experienced.

            for enquiries-   please phone parish office )


        Prayer Group ( Tuesdays 11am)


        Op shop - ( see Op Shop page)

        Women’s Ministries

        Men’s Ministries

        Craft and Markets - (see Events & Calendars page)

        Choir - Wed at 3.15 pm in the Church.

Anglican Diocese  of Newcastle