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Beach Collection Furniture

beach collection furniture
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The Beach Shack
The Beach Shack
Three generations of my family have enjoyed countless weeks and weekends getting away from it all to the beach shack. The journey takes us up to the end of the bitumen, then snaking our way through a myriad of sandy tracks and wrong turns till the familiar coastline comes into view.

Cobwebs and dust are brushed aside and old technology kerosene fridges cranked back into working order before being filled with our supplies. Everything is makeshift and thrown together from household rejects making for an eclectic mish-mash of kitchen utensils, cutlery, crockery, glassware. The very out of style furniture is still high in comfort and beds seem to have given birth to each other proliferating in every nook and cranny of the shack.

Many people, many parties have gathered in the shack - somehow room found to fit everyone in. With restrictions on the use of the generator, no telephones and no television other ways to entertain are re-discovered. Playing the collection of games that now call the shack home, talking round the table, being awestruck by the brightness of the stars at night, reading through the stack of old magazines with many a shriek of laughter.

Out all day enjoying the sparseness of the landscape, the long stretches of powdery white beach, the shifting contour of the sand-dunes and the brilliant blue of the ocean. The collection of old and battered surf-boards are dragged into the water as young and old try their luck. Land-drovers and trailers are dotted down the beach telling us whose still out fishing. The Cray fishing boats come in and we manage to buy a feed, cook it with butter and garlic and feel like kings and queens.
Monster High Collection
Monster High Collection
Making Space on the shelf as I'm going to start opening all the Monster high dolls!!! I got some of the new barbie furniture sets too, on the process of seeing how everything is going to fit together on my shelves!!

beach collection furniture