Moving Men Furniture Slider Set : Foreclosure Furniture Removal.

Moving Men Furniture Slider Set

moving men furniture slider set
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moving men furniture slider set - Miracle Movers
Miracle Movers 8 Piece Furniture Slider Set
Miracle Movers 8 Piece Furniture Slider Set
Stop struggling when you move big items.!! Organize your home without breaking your back! The Miracle Movers allows you to effortlessly move heavy pieces of furniture whenever you please. Each piece is made of a highly polished polymer with a super grip insert for legs to rest on. Simply slip the Miracle Movers under each leg and slide to rearrange furniture, dust behind hard to reach areas like the refrigerator, and help with other chores you've been avoiding. Why damage carpet and rugs moving the hard way when the Miracle Movers works great and protects flooring from costly repairs? Don't break a sweat - get your own Moving Men to keep handy 24/7! Want to rearrange the living room, dust behind your bookshelf, or move that king size bed? Then it's time to get some Miracle Movers - the furniture sliders that make moving seem easy. Just slip a Miracle Mover under each leg of your furniture, and even the heaviest and largest pieces slide along effortlessly!

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moving stones
moving stones
The mysterious moving stones of the packed-mud desert of Death Valley have been a center of scientific controversy for decades. Rocks weighing up to hundreds of pounds have been known to move up to hundreds of yards at a time. Some scientists have proposed that a combination of strong winds and surface ice account for these movements. However, this theory does not explain evidence of different rocks starting side by side and moving at different rates and in disparate directions. Moreover, the physics calculations do not fully support this theory as wind speeds of hundreds of miles per hour would be needed to move some of the stones.
We move from Santander to Athens!! A few days in Barcelona and then Greece, ..a new stage begins... Thank You for all the encouraging and kind words about my work, means a lot to me!! See you soon!!

moving men furniture slider set
moving men furniture slider set
Opteka GLD-200 23" Camera Track Slider Video Stabilization System
The Opteka GLD-200 Camera Slider is designed to give you the ability to create Hollywood-quality production shots without over-extending your budget. Featuring heavy-duty anodized aluminum construction, self-lubricating glide rails, spirit level & tension adjustment, the GLD-200 Slider gives you the best value for your dollar. The GLD-200 Slider can be attached directly to a tripod and may also be used standalone with the included feet, which raises your camera setup approximately 2" off the ground. 23.6" (60cm) Long Track Sets up in minutes, Self-lubricating rails Tension adjustment/locking knob Spirit Level Use on a tripod or on a flat surface with included feet Creates Hollywood-quality production shots, Anodized aluminum construction Specifications Track Length: 23.6" (60cm), Materials: Anodized Aluminum ,Compatible Thread Sizes: 1/4" and 3/8", Tripod Compatible: Yes , Swivel/Pan Head Compatible: Yes, Spirit Level: Yes, Dimensions (LxWxH): 23.6" x 3.5" x 2.7" (60cm x 9cm x 7cm), Weight: 1.9 lbs (862g) What's in the Box: 23" Camera Sliding Rails , Camera Mount Platform Feet X 2 Hex Screws X 4 1/4" to 3/8" Thread Adapter Allen Key Product Guide