Plastic Wheels With Bearings - Wheel Clamp For Trailer

Plastic Wheels With Bearings

plastic wheels with bearings
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plastic wheels with bearings - RWM Casters
RWM Casters POR-0620-08 6" Diameter Tread Polyolefin Wheels with Straight Roller Bearing, 700 lbs Capacity Range
RWM Casters POR-0620-08 6" Diameter Tread Polyolefin Wheels with Straight Roller Bearing, 700 lbs Capacity Range
Tests have proven Polyolefin wheels to have superior resistance to water and chemicals, better abrasion resistance than hard rubber and a remarkable ability to withstand impact. They are designed for more applications than any other type of wheel. Polyolefin wheels are an excellent low cost wheel. Polyolefin is a very durable plastic material and these wheels can be used in a wide range of applications including bakeries, meat processing and packaging, dairies, food processing, laundries, supermarkets, offices, warehousing and manufacturing. Most sizes of polyolefin wheels have a slightly crowned tread offering excellent rollability and maneuverability. Various sizes, bores and bearings are available for our polyolefin wheels. Our standard color is black, but it can be ordered in white.

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Starting Reassembly
Starting Reassembly
I started reassembly on the Sturmey Archer AW, but then realized that I had to stop until I got some lithium grease to pack those wheel bearings with. Use lithium grease in the wheel bearings because the hub is oil-lubricated, and the oil will wash out petroleum-based grease. After I reassembled the hub with lithium grease in the wheel bearings (not in the inner bearings- keep the inside grease-free!) and filled it up with about a tablespoon of 10W-30 (I couldn't find any info on how much oil to put into a dry hub). So far, no leaking. It does sound like it needs a bit more oil tho. That plastic injector is the tool I use to get oil into the oil port of the SA Hubs when they're together. I used it here to lube up the internal bearings.
Molly’s Robot
Molly’s Robot
Over the Christmas holidays, my daughter worked on this tethered robot project for her high school electronics technology class. They were supplied with a Ziploc® bag containing two low voltage DC motors, a handful of wooden and plastic wheels, a length of used telephone wire, and two pages of project criteria. Basically, they had to construct a device that could navigate an oval track under a user’s control. As much as I wanted to dig right in and build this beast myself, I did the right “dad” thing and acted mainly as the technical advisor and salvage wrangler. See the notes for information on the various components.

plastic wheels with bearings
plastic wheels with bearings
RWM Casters RPR-0620-08 6" Diameter Tread Performance TPR Wheels with Straight Roller Bearing, 525 lbs Capacity Range
The Performance TPR (thermal plastic rubber or TPE for thermal plastic elastomer) wheel is specially engineered to provide unsurpassed durability and reliability. This premium wheel combines the durability of a hard tread wheel with the quiet floor protection of a soft tread wheel. They are made of a thermoplastic elastomer which is permanently bonded to a polypropylene core and will not mark floors. The Performance TPR wheel is resistant to chemicals, acids, bases, alcohols, salts and steam. The Performance TPR Wheel tread material can be made to various durometers. Various bore sizes available on some wheels. This attractive wheel accommodates a large number of industries and a limitless number of applications. They are smooth and quiet, absorb shock and have superior impact resistance. These wheels resist flat spotting, acids and make equipment easier to handle. Performance Wheels are extremely resilient and easily rolls over debris and uneven surfaces. They are very popular in institutional, food service, retail display, hospitals, schools, restaurants and all types of industrial and manufacturing environments including factories, warehouses and shop floors.