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Poetry To Go

Tasty, tasty words...

Poetry To Go is the literary equivalent of a fast food stall with the exception that, instead of artery-clogging comestibles, we'll be supplying fat-free poems in short order (see what we did there?).  Come up and order a poem (in as much or as little detail as you like) and a medium for us to put it on (card, keyring, badge, etc.), then come back in 10 minutes or so when we will have your freshly-scribed, piping-hot poem available for you.

The proceeds go towards the upcoming Allographic stage at Strawberry Fair (Wild Strawberries), and the In Other Words Festival in June.

Places you're likely to see us include:

Mill Road Winter Fair
Wisley Royal Horticultural Society Arts Festival
Women of the World (WOW) Festival
Strawberry Fair
Peter's Big Day Out
(with more to come)

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