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Healing Your Body... Natural Wound Care with Manuka Honey
Manuka Honey Saved My Life! 
This pic shows the weekly progress (8~8~11). Each pic is a week apart, which demonstrates the rapid healing of Manuka Honey. This wound almost reached life threatening levels, until the Manuka Honey was applied, and halted the infection from getting worse. Just in time to save my life. All this from a spray of bacteria from rat urine and feces...(yuk!), which was weed whacked into my ankle by accident. This was happening for a period of 2 years without realizing how or what I was coming in contact with. 

In June 2012 The kittens I saved from near death are what tipped me off to the rats next door to my location. Their dumpster was rotted at the bottom allowing the rats to run right up to the dumpster and retrieve rotting food. My location was 5 feet from this dumpster which  made it very convenient for these rats to dig holes and go under our building! The soup mix of bacteria that rats carry is nothing to fool around with. It was very touch and go this last time, and I did have to be hospitalized twice. It left a very bad scar on my ankle, and my face, arms and hands are finally starting to heal. As the layers of infected (Burned) skin falls off, a new layer of infected tissue remains. Permanent scarring is going to be the likely result to all of this. It literally feels like you have acid on your skin. The worst part I read was that even the dead bacteria laying on the skin still has the ability to cause the skin problems. Talk about wicked bacteria. Getting sprayed with this crap again really got me this last time. Now we know the cause and have taken measures to remedy it.
As the Saga Went... 

I knew about manuka honey, and Tamanu Oil because I have studied Naturopathy, nutrition, and natural healing for over 25 years now. It is what has repeatedly saved my life in many situations. This is just another one I can add to the rest proving nutrition and nature are the correct way to operate in life. Keep it simple stupid...the interesting part about Manuka Honey is "How it works", read below to understand it yourself. It's really just MATH. My proof in these pics, and what I went through because I did not start with the Manuka Honey. (I was unable to find any locally, until finally found some). I was delayed in using it due to it not being available here on LI/NY. Which is why I decided to make this site, and help people connect with something that really, really works! Had I been able to get it in the beginning I may have faired better with this. Unfortunately when this began we did not make the connection to the weed whacking. It also took days for the rash to appear and from there is turned into large wounds. By april of 2012 the entire situation became very frustrating because we couldn't figure out where this was coming from. Until May when we saw the rats and their activities of running from the dumpster to the perimeter of the building and down the holes they dug. That is when panic struck and we began to realize the severity of the situation.

Now I'm on a quest because the level of suffering from this wound really educated me about people, and pain. I am no stranger to pain, but let me tell you this was a killer painful wound, and I was not able to function, socialize, travel, etc., with it. The pain was intense, and extremely overwhelming. I had it for a month before I managed to find the Manuka Honey. From that point it took exactly 4 weeks to heal this monster of a wound. It has healed the skin so incredibly well, I am astounded beyond words. Unfortunately this situation repeated itself for a period of 2 years. Unbeknownst to me I was weed whacking rat urine and feces all over myself (and breathing it in) each weekend. Covering my clothes, my hair, face, hands, and legs with this deadly myriad of bacteria without realizing what was going on. From August 2010 to October 2012 I was gravely ill from this.

How I was saved:
Best part of this story...The Rescued Cats Saved My Life! The wounds have finally gone away!...October 2012.
In May 2012 I happened to be up at 2am, and I walked into the area where the rescued kittens and cats stay. They were lined up 6 in row on the window sill looking down. I thought to myself, what the heck could they be looking at? I didn't want to disturb them because they are feral and would scatter. So I quietly walked through the building to go outside on the side where they were all looking. Well much to my shock and dismay I saw exactly what was keeping their attention. It was a hoard of rats running along the perimeter (where I had been weed whacking) and running into holes they dug on the property. I stood on the side of the building in a state of shock as to what I was seeing. I saw more than 5 rats running from the fire house dumpster, and back to my building where they had dug many holes all along the perimeter of the entire building. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought something like this would be the cause of this unbearable illness for SUCH A LONG TIME. My mind was reeling at this point and I continued watching the infestation of rats just conveniently run up to the dumpster (which was 5 feet from the back door of the building) and grab food from the bottom of the dumpster and run back into the holes along my perimeter.The alarm and panic I immediately felt was startling beyond words. 
-Being educated in naturopathy, and natural healing caused major concerns to rush to mind. I was beyond panic and feelings of trepidation. I knew right then why I was continuously sick for this 2 year period. It was literally the absolute worst thing I could possibly imagine being exposed to. This was decided for me because someone at the fire house, the dumpster company, the town neglected to do their job and make sure this dumpster was properly situated. Which it was not. The entire bottom of the dumpster was rotted making it very easy for rats to gain access. My panic spanned beyond what I know, and prompted me to contact some experts I already knew. Like the one listed below at the Honey Institute in New Zealand. 
-The professor of the honey institute was very interested in my case and we worked together through email and medical reports of other cases to troubleshoot the situation. Thanking all gods and Goddesses for this guidance profusely. It literally saved my life. Had I not known to apply Manuka Honey, I think I would not have been able to save the vein the wound took up shop in. It is a major vein on the ankle bone, and yes there is nerve damage, but the manuka honey has a beautiful osmotic affect raising the wound up from the pit it creates. Allowing the surviving skin to remain undamaged. It brings the dirt in the wound to the surface allowing it to come out of the wound. I cannot praise manuka honey enough. It really literally saved my life. I was also drinking it in my tea which at the time I did not realize I SHOULD be doing this. Due to breathing it in the whole time too. 
-The rescue cats were instrumental in the finalization of this whole incident. Had it not been for them I'm not sure we would have ever figured it out. Orkin said it's unlikely you would ever even see a rat. But if you see one, it's guaranteed there are more. I saw more than 5 and they confirmed there was indeed an infestation of rats BECAUSE of the dumpster that was neglected by the firehouse. So inevitably at the hands of men I became the ultimate victim of costly negligence. I worked very hard saving those kittens/cats (they were near death when they came to me), and although I could barely walk at the time...They returned the love by saving me. I could not ask for a better reward than that.  
-I originally went to the doctor, and they wanted to admit me, or go to wound care. They put some stuff on it, and I went home...it got worse, to where it was unbearable. I called around to find out where I could get the Manuka Honey...nobody had it. Until I called the last vitamin store, and they had one jar. I went to wound care alright...right in my own home...with a special jar from Mother Nature. 
  • A simple jar of Manuka Honey, and I am a wound free person now. Although it did take 2years to be free of these wounds because we didn't know at the time what the cause was. My mere words cannot describe how serious this is, and was. Now that I am living proof of these amazing results...that by the way...are indisputable... :) and verifiable, as well documented historically in history...Now you know...what I know...tell everybody! NOTICE: THIS CASE IS AVAILABLE FOR STUDY- TESTING - Educational purposes. Contact RevHPD@gmail.com for more information. SEE BELOW
2013 Available Case for Study: A Living Miracle
Special Case Study: Educational/Research/Testing purposes
2 Year Exposure to Rat Feces and Urine by Direct Contact (Aug 2010 - Oct 2012)
Contact Origin: Weed Whacking a rat infested property (unknowingly)
Source: Rats Infestation caused by a neighbors rotted dumpster (Direct bodily contact and inhalation to Rat feces/Urine 2 hours per day each weekend for 2 years.
  • Particulars: 46-48 year old Female in general good health 
  • Blood Type: Rh ‘O’ Negative 
2 year Exposure to Rat Feces/Urine/Dumpster Bacteria on weekends of property maintenance activities for Long Island property 
Rashes and wounds covered ankles, arms and face. Inhalation of airborne particulates continued for a 2 year period on weekends from March to October both years. Wounds and rash gone as of Nov 2012. Ongoing medical attention is proceeding.
Inhalation of airborne particulates occurred for approximately 1-2 hours each weekend. Unknowingly weed whacking the rat feces and urine airborne particulates onto clothing. Following each weekend maintenance activities new rashes (raised red sections which look similar to staph, and poison ivy) would appear and continue to appear and spread uncontrollably. (It should also be noted that the rash was in fact contagious as it spread to others in the family, and caused the same rashes and wounds to appear). Rash begins as itchy raised spots that spread and expand in size to larger burning, weeping, oozing wounds. Rashes would turn into large crater size wounds oozing pus with dark, light and yellow liquid. (See Pics) Extremities and face became inflamed requiring intravenous antibiotics. Skin on arms, ankle and face in the affected area became hot to the touch. Extreme swelling and stretching of the skin on arms, ankle, and face was watched while IV Antibiotics were administered. Blood tests were run, lung xrays were taken several times. Previous medical records, xrays and various other tests are available for comparison.
  • Discovery Of Rats and Dumpster issues: May 2012 Rescued Cats expose the Rat infestation caused by the dumpster owners next door to property where maintenance activities were taking place. 
Objective: Case study - Determine long term/permanent affects of exposure. Why did she Live? Credit goes to perspective parties in studies. Current Case Status: Complete Fat Layer/Muscle Layer Loss/Breathing/bone/joint/muscular and functionality issues.
Functionality issues: Throat, nose, mouth, lungs, sinus. Myriad of issues. From spasms in the throat, chronic sinus infections, middle ear pain, laryngospasm, sore throat, chronic cough, nausea, stomach pain, weight loss to balance and walking properly. With involuntary wasting syndrome results from wound care period of inactivity (2 years). Foot fractures, and slip and fall injuries during wound care are problematic with current ongoing medical attention.

  • Current Appearance Status: Drawn - Thin - Weak but semi-functional with increasing difficulty. Experiencing physical difficulty functioning in general. Podiatry confirmed walking on bones. Blood work OK now/urine OK now. Scars from main wound on ankle. Some small scars on arms. Some continued activity still present on face and neck. Evidence of nerve damage suspected. Some small scars on arms present. Some continued activity still present on face and neck, (dermatologist will be seen following Orthopedic exam./Rheumatology exam/Neurological exam). 
  • Currently being seen by: Podiatry - Orthopedics - Rheumatology - Neurology specialists and GP. Areas of study, research and/or testing is not limited to any area. 
  • We are looking for individuals in the field of medicine, including naturopathy and alternative medicine to study this case. We having difficulty finding long term exposure cases to compare to. (If you know of any please alert us). The largest amount of data available for “rat borne illness” seems to revolve around autopsies. Please contact RevHPD@gmail.com to connect with this case for further studies. Or Call 516-847-2209 Main Number

Some scarring, and possible nerve damage.
Manuka Honey Rocks!

8~20~11 Another situation: A glass shattered on my foot, (yup the same foot with this wound) a large piece of glass went flying into the top of my foot. It made a 1/4 inch long, by a quarter inch deep puncture wound. It was deep enough that you could see into my tissue, as it opened and closed. Well I grabbed the Manuka Honey, and a cloth bandaid, pinched the wound shut, (like a butterfly stitch) and applied the Manuka Honey to the bandaid, and sealed the wound with it. It burned a little, but I knew that was good. It meant the Manuka Honey was doing it's job. I did not take the bandaid off until 4 days later, and it is completely healed, with a tiny little redish mark. Definitely the best I have ever seen with my own eyes, for rapid healing. I lived it, and I am still totally amazed, by how well it works, and how fast. The best part is, it's natural, and totally safe!
 Ulcers ~ Burns ~ Staph ~ MRSA ~ Bacterial ~ Poison Ivy ~ Sumac ~ Oak ~ Cuts ~ Scrapes ~ Rashes ~ Lacerations ~ Punctures ~ Stings ~ Bites ~ Abrasions ~ Acne ~ Tattoos ~ Stitches ~ Staples ~ Surgical Sites

We Love www.ManukaHoney.com!

 Visit the Source of Manuka Honey Reports: Content below 1 - 14  belongs to: Source Link:   http://manukahoney.com/resources/research/wound-care.html

UMF Manuka Honey can assist wound healing because:

  1. Antibacterial and rapidly clears infecting bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant strains. UMF Manuka Honey has both the hydrogen peroxide property common to most honeys and the more powerful UMF antibacterial property. These two properties together are believed to have a synergistic effect enhancing the effectiveness of each other.
  2. UMF antibacterial property can diffuse deeply into skin tissues, so that it can reach deep-seated infections. 
    The hydrogen peroxide property cannot penetrate tissues.
  3. The glucose oxidase enzyme which produces hydrogen peroxide needs oxygen, but the phytochemical UMF does not. 
    So it could remain effective even when smothered by wound dressings or in wound cavities.
  4. Cleans wounds. Honey has a debriding effect.
    The osmotic effect of honey lifts dirt out of the wound bed.
  5. Dressings do not stick to the surface of the wound allowing easy removal of dressings. 
    The osmotic effect of the honey keeps the wound moist, clean and prevents the dressing sticking to the wound. Tissue damage and pain are reduced when dressings are changed as there is no tearing away of newly formed tissue. Healing is more rapid.
  6. Reduces scarring. The honey draws body fluids and nutrients to the wound area and so assists cell growth and prevents a scar forming as the wound is kept moist.
    Honey provides nutrients (vitamins, minerals and amino acids) to tissues
  7. Promotes more rapid healing because the honey stimulates tissue regeneration. 
    * Angiogenesis is stimulated new blood vessel growth giving oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.
    * Fibroblast growth is stimulated by hydrogen peroxide. 
    * Epithelial cell growth is stimulated these cells grow level with the skin so that no scab is formed and so no scarring and hypertrophication.
  8. Acidity of honey releases oxygen from haemoglobin new growing cells need oxygen. Honey stimulates the white blood cells.
  9. Hydrogen peroxide in honey has an insulin-like effect and promotes wound healing. Insulin is a growth hormone
  10. Anti-inflammatory action of honey soothes and promotes healing, reduces pain and swelling
  11. Honey forms a protective barrier to prevent cross-infection of wounds.
  12. Honey removes malodour from wounds by killing the bacteria which produce ammonia
  13. Honey does not damage the surrounding tissue
  14. Honey minimizes the need for grafting
Content above belongs to: www.ManukaHoney.com! Nature giving you back your life! We Love them, and are eternally thankful for their hard work, research, education, and products!


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