Special Makeup Effects Artist

special makeup effects artist
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special makeup effects artist - Halloween Makeup
Halloween Makeup Kit - Auguste Clown
Halloween Makeup Kit - Auguste Clown
Tops for Halloween, clowning and masquerade. Ben Nye creme makeups are easy to apply, blend and remove. Quality components and detailed directions help the novice and experienced artist achieve delightful, colorful and sometimes frightening effects. Instructors often reply on Kits for clowning, aging and masquerade. Ample supply of makeup will last through several classes, rehearsals or productions.
Components: Lite Auguste Foundation, Red White & Black Color Palette, White Pencil, Flat Brush, Sponge Applicators, Color Directions. Applications: Minimum 4-6.

76% (11)
Latex foam filled zombie from Wrights FX
Latex foam filled zombie from Wrights FX
This is a foam filled halloween prop made of a thick high quality Rd-407 latex sculpted by special effects artist Brian Wright of Wright's Fx
Beast and Cogsworth
Beast and Cogsworth
Special effects make-up for Beauty and the beast. Hair and make-up application: Me. Mask maker: Becky Smith.

special makeup effects artist
special makeup effects artist
Special Make-Up Effects
Special Make-Up Effects concentrates on the genre of horror characters and other special creations (fantasy, sci-fi, etc), giving tips about the materials, techniques, and 'tricks of the trade' necessary to create unique make-up effects.

This focused volume is a scaled-down version of Vincent Kehoe's encyclopedic reference for professional make-up artists. It contains new segments and photographs. This book shows how many of cinema's most famous characters and effects were developed. It gives students and make-up artists the techniques they need to perform their own magic.

A volume dedicated solely to special make-up effects.
Contains new material from several Academy Award winning make-up artists.
Written by a make-up artist who has worked on more than 300 films.