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Bare Minerals Eye Makeup

bare minerals eye makeup
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bare minerals eye makeup - IQ Natural
IQ Natural Large Bare Pure Minerals Makeup Starter Set with Brush Fair Shade Under 30.00!
IQ Natural Large Bare Pure Minerals Makeup Starter Set with Brush Fair Shade Under 30.00!
IQ Natural start your face selection is a unique kit that will help transform your face in minutes. This easy start kit has everything you need to achieve a complexion that is beautiful while obtaining natural flawless look. This kit includes easy step by step application tips as well as our signature silk primer for an even palette to apply mineral makeup to. Set includes: Silk Primer 1oz, 2X Mineral Foundations 6g, Setting veil 6g, Bisque concealer 1.5g, Blush 3g, Bronzer 3g, 3X Eye shadows 1.5g. All Eye shadows, blush, and bronzer shades are pre-selected by our esthetician and makeup artist for the foundation color shade you select at checkout.

85% (15)
01/09/10 - Bare Minerals Pretties
01/09/10 - Bare Minerals Pretties
An early birthday present from my sister and brother-in-law. A starter kit for Bare Minerals and Eyes, Cheeks and Lips kit too. God it's fab make up if you like a natural but flawless look. Amy and I sat and watched the DVD of how to apply it and use the products and then had a play. I was really happy with the results. You never know some time soon I might do a before and after. I'm going to chuck all my old manky make up out and I can feel my credit card groaning now as I'll need to try a few others things I think!
pre-makeup 01
pre-makeup 01
I purposely only did the foundation on half my face. Just for illustration purposes. This is after only applying concealer to the eye area. Yes, it's that serious. My dark circles are actually a genetic flaw, and not due to a lack of sleep. Oh, and yes, I use Bare Minerals.

bare minerals eye makeup
bare minerals eye makeup
Get StartedTM: Eyes Cheeks Lips - Light to Medium
Once you've got a flawless complexion, it's time to add some color. These eight-piece collections are customized for your skin tone, giving you all the shades and tools you need to create a complete, coordinated look that enhances your natural beauty. Collection includes: Cream Soda Eyecolor (a glowing ivory sheen) (size: extra-small) Rapture Eyecolor (a medium nutmeg sheen) (size: extra-small) Tiger's Eye Liner Shadow (a copper wood shade) (size: extra-small) First Class Blush (a cherry blossom shade) (size: small) Mini Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish in Sugar (a rose glow shade) Double-Ended Contour Shadow & Define Brush Eyeliner Brush Angled Blush Brush A $110 Value for only $49