All Natural Cooking Recipes

all natural cooking recipes
    cooking recipes
  • (Cooking recipe) A recipe is a set of instructions that describe how to prepare or make something, especially a culinary dish.
    all natural
  • a product is classified as "all natural" where it carries a prominent on-pack claim to that effect, and/or states that it is "made from natural ingredients", etc
  • "Natural foods" and "all natural foods" are widely used terms in food labeling and marketing with a variety of definitions, some of which are vague. The terms are often misused on labels and in advertisements.
  • a term not regulated by the FDA. That is to say a product can be deemed as “All Natural” with out having to certify their product as having natural properties or having to be regulated by the Food and Drug Administration as containing natural products.

Excerpts from "Modern Muslim Cooking of Indo-Pakistan" by A. Nisa Bhatti, First Edition 1964: From Furniture: A clock is essential in modern kitchen. Modern cookers necessitate the observing of cooking time which can only be determined with the help of clock which will increase the cooking efficiency. Modern kitchens are also equipped with radio set as an amusement for the housewife while cooking, and to make the atmosphere of the kitchen more pleasant. There should be a [chair] for housewife to sit easily and do her knitting job or any other such thing along with the supervision of the kitchen. From Practical Hints: Try to prepare food with a variety. If you have 1lb. of meat, cook in two or three varieties. Though it involves some extra labour but your family will enjoy the hour spent on the table. The look of the food must be appetising. It is natural that the mouth will water when there is something good looking on the table. The way the food is fixed on the table is also very important. The artistic fixing of food sharpens our desire for that and the more the desire for a foood the more easily it will be digested, of course. Almonds are sometimes bitter in taste. It is better to taste them first by slicing slightly on the side or else it will spoil the whole charm. From Selection of Foods: Meat: With the exception of calcium meat contains all the necessary minerals and salts needed by the human body. It is especially good source of phosphorous and iron and contains a small amount of carbohydrates. It is also rich in many of the vitamins so necessary to a normal healthy body. The completeness of meat as a food is rather evident. It is certainly a most honourable tribute to any food product. I'd post some of the recipes (the pigeon korma looks very interesting), but I have to attend to my knitting job and check on how charming my almonds are right now.
Joy of Cooking: Recipe #20, Iced Tea with Cold Water
Joy of Cooking: Recipe #20, Iced Tea with Cold Water
First, I love cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast. Cottage cheese and pears were perfect this morning, and cold tea was a natural. The recipe for "Iced Tea with Cold Water" is for loose leaf tea and cold water placed together in a jug overnight in the refrigerator. I make a lot of sun tea, but this is easier and Irma promises it never clouds. (Mine didn't - but it is very humid and there is condensation on the glass) One guilty admission: Irma is very clear that she does not approve of tea bags. I use tea bags. Nothing drives me wild like wet, soggy tea leaves in the bottom of a tea pot. When I had a garbage disposal in my sink, they didn't bother me so much because I would rinse the pot and let the leaves go down the disposal. Now I don't have one and getting tea pots clean just drives me nuts. Millions of people don't care about wet tea leaves. It is just a pet peeve of mine. I must confess: all my tea recipes will be made from tea bags, not from loose tea. I am not even going to bother to pretend that I can tell the difference between tea from loose tea and tea from bags. I don't buy cheap tea bags and I can't tell the difference. I leave the loose tea to people who actually can taste the difference!

all natural cooking recipes
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