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I have a number of somewhat unusual enthusiasms.

Drawing is one

Philosophy motivates me enough to have my own site devoted to my own thinking.
Thrift (op) Shopping. I have noticed that many of my 80s contemporaries still have a penchant for dressing up.

Dancing (club style) is something I love to do with suitable music.
I have done fencing and karate and miss them. But have no time.

Strategy and flight simulator games (that run on my ancient computers)

bonding with Ollie over Call of Duty or Fifa16

Getting second hand tech for tens of dollars to do stuff others pay hundreds for.





Appreciating engineering, design and architecture

And Improvisational Cooking, especially with leftovers and odd assemblages of food.

and all sorts of music but especially

Symphony no 6 Joseph Haydn

Playing with cats

and of course, raising children.