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I have gradually branched out of journalism into policy analysis

Topics I have investigated for the AA includes:
Climate change policy
Transport strategy
Road pricing
Road User Charges
Road Safety
Driver Education
I have made the unfortunate discovery that increasingly nobody in policy formulation, from Ministers down, has time for complex papers. To be effective policy must be simple and palatable. My particular skills as a writer and publisher are therefore all the more relevant.

Here is an example of a complex paper - Evaluation of draft New Zealand Transport Strategy compared to five peer documents and own goals. Although this paper was acknowledged by the MoT to have involved more work than they did developing the draft strategy it counted as a single submission in the final analysis and was not effective.
Simplified discussion document - briefing to incoming Transport Minister "Transporting Ourselves".  This brings together data analysis skills, editorial skills and analytical skills in a single document.  By contrast this document influenced both the NZTA and the Ministry to adopt a similar approach to policy communication. The Australian clubs wanted to meet the team who developed it. While I happily concede the design would have been better if a professional designer had done it we didn't have the money or the time for this.
More recently I have produced a discussion document on Auckland issues called Auckland Matters. This examines the questiion of Auckland transport in terms of Auckland's economy and society. Unfortunately internal processes meant that it was effectively out-dated before it was ready for release.
In a private capacity I have developed a website examining New Zealand Defence