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Online Teaching Certificate

Completed in 2011, this certificate was awarded through Lesley University.  

Courses completed: (all A)

ECOMP 6201 Online Teaching: An Introduction for K-12 Educators   (Portfolio of Artifacts by A. Mollica)
This course is designed to introduce teaching online to K12 educators. Utilizing a constructivist learning approach, we will explore the advantages of online learning and features of online environments and online collaborative tools, and examine the best pedagogical practices for teaching and learning online. Expectations, characteristics, and needs of online learners will be examined and specific strategies to help students assess their readiness to learn online will be developed. Solutions for involving all of the K12 stakeholders and the challenge of keeping students motivated to produce quality work through online learning will be explored

ECOMP 6202 Online Teaching: Assessment and Evaluation  (Portfolio of Ecomp 6202 by A. Mollica)
This course examines assessment and evaluation in an online learning environment from the perspective of teachers and students in K-12 environments. A wide variety of effective assessment strategies are presented, including self-evaluation, authentic assessment, triangulation, continuous evaluation, pre- and post-testing, use of observational data, and others. Particular attention is paid to selecting the most appropriate and engaging assessment strategies for students and content that addresses the needs of students, keeping in mind the need to apply Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles when selecting assessment methods.

ECOMP 6203 Online Teaching: Building Communities and Facilitating Student Discussions
This course focuses on building the expertise needed to create a supportive and constructive online learning environment through appropriate facilitation techniques and strategies. Participants investigate various aspects of facilitating online discussions, including teacher and peer moderated communication, developing guidelines and modeling substantive discussions, and the use of multiple technologies to enhance contact with and among students.

ECOMP 6204 Online Teaching: Course Design, Development, and Strategies
This course provides the opportunity to synthesize components of online teaching by involving participants in the development of an online course. Content and age appropriate online activities and strategies that will engage students are studied and developed. Educational theory, best practices in online learning, principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and use of emerging technologies are researched, analyzed and used to produce online lessons that are viable and engage students in authentic learning.

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