Welcome to the website of Allison J. Hamilton, professor of political science at the University of South Carolina Aiken.

My primary area of research is American Politics, including public policy, research methods, and formal modeling.

My research interests can generally be grouped into three categories. The first considers how public opinion and public policy interact and influence one another.  The second includes papers investigating how the public perceives institutional rules and policies, including the Senate filibuster. The final category includes several papers on women in politics—from how a woman candidate changes information search during a campaign, to a dynamic model of how the information of being a woman affects the likelihood of her winning office.

Thus, my research covers a wide array of topics within American politics. From public opinion, state and local governments, public policy, to interest groups—my interests in American politics run the gamut of what we research and where change is occurring. Because of this I consider myself to be both an institutions and behavior researcher. I use both survey research data and experimental data to investigate my various research interests and use appropriate advanced methods to model the data in an attempt to answer my questions of interest.