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Diy Wireless Audio

diy wireless audio
  • radio: medium for communication
  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"
  • transmission by radio waves
  • Lacking or not requiring wires
  • an audible acoustic wave frequency
  • Sound, esp. when recorded, transmitted, or reproduced
  • the audible part of a transmitted signal; "they always raise the audio for commercials"
  • sound recording: a recording of acoustic signals
  • Do-it-yourself
  • Do It Yourself; To perform oneself a task usually relegated to an expert
  • (DIYed) Simple past of DIY
  • Do it yourself (or DIY) is a term used to describe building, modifying, or repairing of something without the aid of experts or professionals.

Nicholas Todd's Bedroom Workspace
Nicholas Todd's Bedroom Workspace
This is my workspace. I built the Shelf myself with a tray inset and planted some wheat grass for a nice color. The shelf is also light from beneath for a nice ambient glow at night. I love the dual monitor setup and mounted the 23" HD Cinema display with a VESA wall mount. I also built the desk from a door, attached it to the wall with a cleat and and attached two legs from EQ3. I'm still in school and have lots of group projects, so the large desk is perfect for two people. All in all I love having this workspace in my bedroom. Suggestions welcome. Let me know what you think!
Home Office #3
Home Office #3
Details of my home desk's cord management. Clockwise from top left: 1) All electric sockets are banded to the bottom of the table. There's approximately five meters (or 15 feet) of that metal band underneath my desk. 2) The switch is also tightly attached to the desk underbelly. Wireless router is located elsewhere. 3) SCART sockets for all my audio / video needs. The extra cords from the other PC somewhat block the view. 4) The longer metal band keeps the heavier transformer in place on an upside-down socket.

diy wireless audio
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