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Tire Factory Outlet San Marcos

tire factory outlet san marcos
    factory outlet
  • A store in which goods, esp. surplus stock, are sold directly by the manufacturers at a discount
  • An outlet store or factory outlet is a retail store in which manufacturers sell their stock directly to the public through their own branded stores. The stores can be brick and mortar or online. Traditionally, a factory outlet was a store attached to a factory or warehouse.
  • a retail store that sells the products of one manufacturer, usually at very low prices.
    san marcos
  • San Marcos is the name of a town in the Mexican state of Guerrero. It serves as the municipal seat of the surrounding municipality of San Marcos.
  • A city in south central Texas, south of Austin; pop. 28,743
  • A city in southwestern California, north of San Diego; pop. 38,974
  • San Marcos is a former monastery and hospital in the city of Leon, Spain. It is now a parador, and includes a church and museum.
  • The San Marcos Station is an intermodal transportation center in San Marcos, Texas, United States served by Amtrak, the national railroad passenger system. The station is also served by CARTS, the Capital Area Rural Transportation System, and by Greyhound.
  • Lose interest in; become bored with
  • hoop that covers a wheel; "automobile tires are usually made of rubber and filled with compressed air"
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Venedig/Venezia San Marco
Venedig/Venezia San Marco
San Marco wurde 1063-94 als dritte kirche an dieser stelle erichtet. oben sieht man den geflugelten Lowen, das wappentier Venedigs und des Evangelisten Markus, der in Venedig begraben ist. Markus war ursprunglich in Alexandria beigesetzt. nach der arbischen eroberung Alexandrias wurden die gebeine geraubt und nach Venedig gebracht. die kirche ist eine Kopie der Apostelkirche in Konstantinopel, die den gleichen grundriss und aufbau hatte. die apostelkirche war die grabstatte der byzantinischen kaiser. sie wurde wie die Hagia Sophia im 6.jhd von kaiser Justinian erbaut. als 1453 Konstantinopel von den Osmanen erobert wurde, wurde die Apostekirche abgerissen und Mehmed II., der Eroberer, baute an gleicher stelle die erste Moschee, die Fatih-Moscchee. eine andere kopie der byzantinische Apostelkirche steht in Perigeux in Frankreich. hier sind 2 der vier pferde zu sehen, die Venedig 1204 bei der eroberung Konstantinopels im 4. Kreuzug., raubte. zu sehen sind kopien; die originale befinden sich im museum.
San Marco 2
San Marco 2
San Marco street at night. I was quite happy getting lost in the persuit for images! I have to say I never felt threatened, I was aware of my surroundings though, especially with the gear I was carrying. There is no end to the textures and details in Venice, so much to see, overload eventually happens. November is supposed to be quite quiet, I don't think I could hack the place at peak season, it would be unbearable! Lots of people and a lot of decent cameras, I almost lost faith at one point, I mean what is the point of taking an image that has been taken a milloin times already?? Then again, why not, at the end of the day it is your own vision and thoughts that lead you to the image. I got some pretty funny looks from passers by at most of the places I set up, which for me was a good sign! I shot almost exclusively on the tripod with the shift lens, all shots were taken with a view to stitching.

tire factory outlet san marcos
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