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purchase car tires
    car tires
  • (car tire) a tire consisting of a rubber ring around the rim of an automobile wheel
  • (Car tire) An automotive tire which is used exclusively on a passenger car, not a light truck, etc.
  • A thing that has been bought
  • the acquisition of something for payment; "they closed the purchase with a handshake"
  • buy: obtain by purchase; acquire by means of a financial transaction; "The family purchased a new car"; "The conglomerate acquired a new company"; "She buys for the big department store"
  • something acquired by purchase
  • The action of buying something
  • The acquisition of property by means other than inheritance

29 Austin J40 Pedal Car (1950-71)
29 Austin J40 Pedal Car (1950-71)
Austin J40 Pedal Car Produced by the Austin Motor Company the J40 was built to resemble the Austin A40. Built at the Austin Junior Car Factory in a purpose built factory in Bargoed, South Wales by disabled Welsh miners under the supervision of a Doctor and experienced rehabilitation officers. As such the factory gave gainful employment to 250 disabled men, on a not for profit basis. The J40 was the second model made in Bargoed following the Pathfinder Special based on a racing Austin7 which was only in production during the factories first year. The cars were made from off cuts from the Austin factory in Longbridge Birmingham and were built and painted the same way as the full size car. The car featured working head lights and horn, detachable wheels and Dunlop pneumatic tyres, leather seats and a realistic dash. With opening boot and bonnet chrome bumpers, boot handle, hub caps and (until they were deemed unsafe) chrome bonnet flying A insignia The car were expensive selling for ?27 plus ?6 purchase tax which would have equated to two weeks wages for an average working man. In good condition they could now sell for ?1500 - ?2000 Production ceased in 1971 after a total of 32,098 had been made and the factory made engine parts, finally closing in 1999 Shot at the Sandbach Festival of Transport 18.04.2010 Ref 52-29
Pacific Electric "Hollywood Car" 655
Pacific Electric "Hollywood Car" 655
Car 655 was on of the E's largest and best-known class of cars, the "Hollywood Cars". Named for their many years of service in the Hollywood area, a total of 160 of thes car type were build in the 1920's (This one was build in 1924 by the St. Louis Car Company, retired in 1954) This car survives today because of the efforts of Richard Fellows. Saddened by the demise of PE passenger operations, Richard conceived a plan to operate PE cars for the public's enjoyment using rubber tires and gasoline engines instead of railroad running gear. He purchased several "scrap" cars and completed his first rubber-tired converstion in 1962. This caw was to have been the second in his fleet. Following the purchase from a Terminal Island scrap yard in the 1960's, Mr. Fellows stripped the car down to a steel skeleton, and completely rebuilt it inside and out. Although he did install the steerable rubber-tire bogies underneath the car, the final parts of the system were never completed, and the car sat idle in his shop. The car came to the Museum in 1998, and its rubber tires were replaced with the original type rairoad running gear in 2007

purchase car tires
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