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Extreme Mud Tires

extreme mud tires
  • Not usual; exceptional
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Powered by mud
Powered by mud
This is what is under the hood after the mud impact I have literally thousands of photos from this trip. If any one wants more of a particular vehicle, let me know. This is day 1, trip along the Border Track - Dog Fence. This must be one of the best sand tracks to be found in Victoria/South Australia. It follows the border from near Pinnaroo right down to near the Melbourne - Adelaide hwy. This track has very large sand hills to get over. Most of these hills have tracks to get around them if you are not able to get over them. Some of these hills are so extreme there's no way anyone will get over them, so this track can very easily be classed as a 'Difficult' track. Very Important. Check with the SA National Parks and Reserves for information on when the track is closed, and what direction you need to go in. The track is about 107km. Allow a full day to make this trip. For a more enjoyable weekend, take your time and camp anywhere along the track. Stop in or camp at Red Bluff - scenic red sandstone hill. (This is where we stopped). Dress warm though as it gets hot in the day, freezing at night. Make sure you pack all your recovery gear, and travel in a group with other 4wd's. (We had to recover 2 vehicles). Check the depths of the mud holes. Some for us were over 1 meter deep. Watch out for the holes towards the end, they are really deep! Momentum is your friend on the sand dunes. We used 15psi tyre pressures. (Try the sand dunes 3x, if you fail, take the chicken path) We ended up getting lost around the supposed turnoff to red bluff, that according to the maps was "well signposted". We ended up with broken eggs and bottles. This is mostly a sandy track with dunes and provides you with a remote location for testing self and equipment without travelling deeper into the outback. The environment is typical Victorian desert – Mallee country. Expect some scratching from Mallee scrub particularly in the Wyperfeld section and some parts of the Northern Border Track may be overgrown. Soft sand is to be found on the tracks as well as corrugations and hard gravel. The border track is steeped in history largely due to the dispute which arose from the original survey completed between 1847 and 1850. The result is that the border is actually sighted some 3kms too far West. A fascinating account of this can be obtained from John Deckert at Westprint Heritage Maps if you manage to visit whilst in Nhill. There is an abundance of wildlife to enjoy whilst undertaking this trip, so watch out for Emu and Kangaroo. Aboriginal rock holes can be found close to the junction with South Bore Track. We were lucky to reach the top speed of 40 kms/hr. This photo was taken with a Canon EOS 5D, 70-200 IS L USM 2.8 lens 2011 Img_0259
Jeep® Extreme Trail Edition Trailer from Mopar®
Jeep® Extreme Trail Edition Trailer from Mopar®
Jeep and Mopar are the first in the industry to offer off-road camper trailers. For hard-core off-road enthusiasts, the Jeep Extreme Trail Edition camper ups the ante with a heavier frame, 35-inch BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires, 15 inches of ground clearance, full underbody skid plate, high mounted fenders, and available 360-degree axis pintle hitch.

extreme mud tires
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