Changing Tubular Tyres

changing tubular tyres
    tubular tyres
  • Tubular tyres are cycle tyres that have the inner tube permanently stitched inside the casing. They are held in place using glue or glue-tape, and are affixed to rims which lack the sidewalls characteristic of a hook-bead rim.
  • A completely enclosed tire cemented onto the wheel rim, used on racing bicycles
  • A tubular tyre, referred to as a tub in Britain, a sew-up in the US, a single in Australia, or just a tubular is a bicycle tyre that is stitched closed around the inner tube to form a torus.
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Caparo T1 is a street legal formula one style car at the Melbourne International Motor Show 2007.
Caparo T1 is a street legal formula one style car at the Melbourne International Motor Show 2007.
Maximum Speed: >322kmh (200mph) (Low downforce setup) 0-160-km/h (0-100mph): <5 seconds 0-96km/h (0-60mph): <2.5 seconds (depending on tyre setup) Lateral acceleration: Up to 3g+ Braking deceleration: Up to 3g Description • Advanced technology composites • Ultra high performance • Fully tuneable • 2 seater • Rear mid-engined Aerodynamics • Front cockpit road aero screen, other options available for track use – TBA • Ground effect diffuser • Adjustable front twin element wing • Adjustable rear single element wing • Adjustable fowler flaps • Low drag body design • Range of wing options – road and track Steering • Magnesium cased light weight high ratio steering rack • Bespoke removable steering wheel Capacities • Dry sump tank 8 litres • Fuel tank 70 litres Body • Carbon fibre multi part body with tuneable aerodynamics • Designed in sections for easy repair • Carbon/glass and Nomex panel construction Chassis • 2 seater carbon/aluminium honeycomb monocoque • Separate front composite crash structure • Rear tubular aerospace grade steel spaceframe Suspension • Streamline double wishbone front and rear • Tuneable front and rear anti-roll bar • Five-way adjustable race dampers Engine • Aluminium V8 • Dry sump • 480bhp @ 10,500rpm / 1000bhp per tonne Safety • Central safety cell with high strength steel roll hoop • Composite front crash structure • Head protection system • 6 point harness for driver and passenger compatible with HANS device • Fire system Electronics • Fully tuneable engine ECU • Bespoke wiring aerospace grade loom • Multi-function race dash including data logging • Speed sensors for traction and launch control • Fly-by-wire throttle for optimum tuning Gearbox • Magnesium/carbon 6 speed sequential gearbox • Paddle shift gear change control • Limited slip differential • Equal length hollow tripode driveshafts • Various gear and final drive ratios available Brakes • 355 dia steel race discs front and rear • Fully floating discs • Front 6 pot billet machined race callipers • Rear 4 pot billet machined race callipers • Fully adjustable brake bias pedal box • Pad compound options available Equipment • Road legal SVA approved road version and full track versions available • Road and track parts fully interchangeable • Wet weather canopy/bib screen or race screen • Further options –TBA Weight • 470Kg (dry weight)
This is how it looks today, 32 years down the road and many thousands of miles later. Purchased new in Calgary, Alberta at the International Cycling Center. One of a shipment of 30 bikes in total with a mix of road and track models. There is little information about the builder Francesco Sabatini but Gino Bartalli knew him. I still enjoy riding it, and like most Italian road bikes of the era it gives a nice smooth responsive ride and looks better, I think, than the majority of modern carbon examples of today.Most items replaced had worn through use and I painted the derailleur and crank set many years ago to add some sparkle. I've lost track of the number of tubular tires replaced and am on the third freewheel which needs to be changed before I can use a new chain. i just replaced the 42T chain ring as well. The last item I bought locally years ago was a Super Record headset - as the original Record on the bike was wearing. I seem to recall it cost around 75.00. I kind of miss going to the local bike shop and picking up a part! In 1985 I had to finally change the rims due to fatigue cracks around the spoke holes ( they were not reinforced ) replacing the original Favorits with a pair of Ambrosio Montreal Oro rims at a cost of 40.00 each . I have actually worn down a fair amount of material on the pedal cage where the cleats contact, but they still are quite serviceable. I should look into changing the grease - the bottom bracket, hubs, pedals and headset have never been opened and they are still smooth - how is that for Campy quality?

changing tubular tyres
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