3.5. Wisdom initial based on the nervous system

In the explanatory dictionaries, for example, the Russian language SI. Ozhegova and N.Yu. Shvedova, wisdom is defined as a deep mind, based on life experience, for example, the wisdom of the seer, popular wisdom; also about the popular sayings in the people, reflecting his life experience, knowledge. Here for the first time it is determined with what wisdom is connected, with which organ and the human psyche.

Wisdom of the initial is the ability to hear your heart, to distinguish (literally) the color of intentions and to choose clear intentions. Wisdom manifests itself only after gaining the ability to accentuate or fix the activity of the mind.

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I will give an example explaining the above. My psyche began to manifest the rudiments of telepathic possibilities, and I decided to play in a sports match to get a monetary reward. Settled in consciousness for research, mental images soon began to come. And suddenly the thought struck the mind: "There are false witnesses who whisper false thoughts!"

... I could not orient myself in the universal forces responsible for the idea-the truth and the lies. How to distinguish Witnesses from false witnesses, who occupied a high place in the hierarchy of the mental world and controlled the flow of thoughts. If necessary, they interrupted the mental, substituted for another thought, mutually complemented each other, finally, without which it was impossible to know the truth. Obviously, going into the realms of the mental world would bring a mixed stream of thoughts from Witnesses and false witnesses.

And I acted differently than before, the question was turned inward.

I was answered by inner cosmic power:

- The internal world of the heart center can help to discern the source of thoughts.

Earlier I applied for help in the outside world, waiting for answers and solutions. And they came from mega-measurements. Now for me a new horizon of the universe has opened up - these are the cosmos within me or the nanocosmos.

I have turned my attention to the lotus of anahata.

And my heart asked me clearly:

- What do you want?

I was stunned by the intelligence of the physical organ. Is that possible? Probably, yes, if it could speak.

"Material prosperity," I answered.

My heart was silent.

I reflected on the nature of the heart, more precisely about the internal content of this organ. How much the heart was bottomless and wise, and yet the inner world of the heart was independent of me! I pondered the nature of the heart, more precisely about the internal content of this organ. How much heart was bottomless and wise, and yet the inner peace of the heart was independent of me!

"Why not wisdom, but prosperity?" continued the heart.

I thought about it. The heart or the one who was in it was right. I was not wise enough. And then I asked:

- How to distinguish Witnesses and false witnesses?

"What do you want to know?"

- To know the winning numbers ...

I understood myself. My words were not from wisdom, but from earthly desires. And I hastened to correct myself:

"I need to know to get a drop of wisdom."

- So?

- So, I play in sportloto to become wiser.

- And to get material prosperity. So?

I thought about the words, my heart continued:

- By the color of the coming thoughts, it is possible to distinguish Witnesses and false witnesses. And wisdom is Light. Is it light in your body and mind?

- It's gray.

- In the light in itself, you can determine whether you turn to wisdom or not. And it also determines where the thought comes from.

"How much Light is inside us, so much wisdom," I began to comprehend the words of the heart. - Light of thoughts is a measure of truth. In me it's gray, then I choose a lie. From the Light of Thought we are filled with clarity and wisdom. "

I began to consider the color of thoughts:

"I play in sportloto, in order to fill myself with Light," thought pulled the mind out of the mental world and began to consider its color. And I noticed how dark inside me.

"I play in sportloto," and again I notice how dark it is.

"I do not play in a sports match," and it became brighter.

"What do I do?" Asked the question, and noticed how much Light was born.

"I live" - ​​and a new Light was born.

"I'm coming," the Light continued to be born.

"I aspire," and the mind remarked: neither darkened nor lightened. "So this is a neutral thought," he concluded.

"I live ... I'm going ... I think ... I'm looking ... I'm looking ... I'm glad to people ... I'm growing ... I'm looking for the right attitude to playing sportloto ... I can play, I can not play in sportloto ... I can make a mistake in the choice of figures ... I hope for God ... These are bright thoughts, - noted the mind. - From them the consciousness is filled with Light ... "

The further development of wisdom is determined by the disclosure of the inner content of the heart center.