4.2. Space suit for cosmic human

Space suit or SKAFANDER (from the Greek skaphe - boat, rook and aner, genus andros - man), individual hermetic equipment (shell), providing human life in conditions different from normal (under water, in space, etc.) ). The breathing mixture, water, heat and food enter the space suit from another dimension of the Cosmos, and specifically from the horizons of the Atroposphere of the elements of Fire, Earth, Wind and Water, see the map of the Cosmos.

To create a life field, described below, a person needs to acquire four important attributes. It is a fireball that is embedded in the chest in the bio-field of the solar plexus. This is a piece of gray-green rock, a gift from the elements of Earth or God Gabra, put in bone tissue. It is a wind-blown hair about a meter in length and a few centimeters thick, which is tangled in your own hair. And it's water hair from the elements of Water or Gaia, which is a few centimeters thick and fountains are poured on its ends, and which is put into the circulatory system of the body. These four elements create a hermetic individual cocoon that provides the vital activity of the cosmic human under conditions that are different from normal ones. The breathing mixture provides windy hair. The platform or platform on which a person stands, forms a piece of gray-green rock. On this platform a small fountain beats, this is transformed water hair. And the cocoon itself forms a fireball. The supply of energy and matter to the "spacesuit" is carried out along the canal from the cocoon to the horizon of life of one or another element. In this cocoon of life can be a few homo as long as you want. Finally, the cocoon of life can move around in space and change shape in accordance with the thoughts of human.

I will give an example
from the main text of Alliga Ter. I want to apologize to the site visitors for the earth language, which is difficult to convey the shades of the Cosmos, representatives of other civilizations and so on. For example, the term "Gods of Elements". How else can we name these demiurges from another horizon of physical life according to the modern one? Try to catch the meaning.

... Of course, I did not know and did not think that to complete the cycle of space lectures on zoogogy (the science of open natural systems) it is necessary to get acquainted with the fundamental horizon of being. Obviously, the body of the universe, which included galaxies, stars, planets, people, etc., was on something. On what? But even the air ball assumed the existence of an atmosphere in which it acquired a rounded shape and colored coloring.

I was invited to visit the world of dead matter.

I made a griege from the earthly room into the unexplored horizon of being.

I ended up in an airy egg-like cocoon about 3 meters in size. It was light in it, so I saw my arms and legs. Beneath me was a gray-green transparent earth, on which there was a water vein. A cocoon composed of parts of the bodies of Agni, Gabra, Veja and Gaia was presented to me as gifts while traveling to their horizons of life and which I "put" into my body. The cocoon was formed automatically and created a field of life, dissociating me from the airless environment.

"This is why the gifts of the Gods of the Elements were given," I noted for myself.

From the depths of the multidimensional soul from the rock-boulder, which was the intersection of my soul and the soul (being) of Issia, and through which I could both turn to the Great Monk, so he came to me, the currents of energy of tenderness and filled my body. Now every cell of my body has secured itself and could enter into a relationship with the surrounding world.

I looked around.

Next to me, there were several similar cocoons, in which were my guides. Not far from us the brown star shone (if of course it was a star). The surrounding space was filled with a red-black fog; in its ruptures gaping chilling Darkness, which responded to every touch of thought.

"All life is built of dead matter," the demiurges began. - Dead matter penetrates everything and extends beyond any worlds. The stones of this world constitute the energy sting of needles, to which there is nothing more subtle in the created worlds. These stones earthlings are called a philosophical crystal. Together with the owner, he can cut through the created worlds and go beyond the limits of the Living Spark. From such a crystal an interlum ship was built, which gnawed through the thought-worlds of the Gods-Creators, - I remembered the legend of Aa. - This same stone gives immortality to the body and mind. He is the sixth element to which there is no opposite, unlike the previous five elements: Fire, Earth, Wind, Water and Man. In this horizon of being Laws are unfamiliar to cosmic civilizations because of the nature of the dead. You have to be careful here.

A glass needle appeared behind the cocoon. She hung in front, ready to respond to any of my thoughts. A few seconds later, I was surrounded by thousands of similar glass, attracted by a similar in my body. The opposition began to grow in the needles. They could easily pierce me without noticing the protective field of the cocoon. I remembered the energy of tenderness and the needle disappeared, as if a scarecrow had appeared before them.

"But in this horizon of life lives Vaol," I remembered.

And the devil came from nothing.

He was in my cocoon.

- Well, turned to Us! - I heard.

Vaol was much more powerful and powerful. Behind him was the devil's tail.

"I developed a new faith in my own ego".

I had no opportunity, like the last time, to grab Him and tear off my tail. My powers nourished Him, and the more powerful I was, the more He was. However, there was a way out.

"You're good," I said to Satan with all tenderness and affection. - You are worried about everyone and you are not indifferent to a person or a demiurge. Your anxiety is so great! Because of this, you want to help everyone, so that others become a little stronger.

Satan purred like a big cat. He let himself in. One of my hands grabbed the devil's tail, and the other, like a saw, cut it.

"Without you, the entire universe would have died." And you do not have a substitute. Who wants to be an outcast. And you accept the whole universal burden of pain and anger on Myself.

Satan cried. He listened to me and could not avoid His tail being donated. I threw the cut tail up, flashed fireworks of sparks, spreading bits of faith for the population of the universe.

The charismatic Vaaol disappeared.

Suddenly, ahead of the red-brown fog broke a block, turned into a stone and flew in my direction.

"Be careful," the guides warned me. - Hurry to block the impact of a dead arrow.

A cocoon pierced the stone block and smeared my body. Just before the collision, I managed to grab the rings on my hand that were from the mission representatives, Agni, Gabra, Veja, Gaia and Elijah. From the ring went back current and thanks to their energy and thoughts scattered parts of the body gathered. I had to turn to my body and from the prostatic plexus to raise new portions of tenderness for an aggressive environment.

"Although everything is dead," the demiurgic scholars continued, "this horizon of being is built and filled, and confronts, and is attracted, and recreated on the basis of five anti-elements: gloomy, chilling, undeveloped, immovable and dead. You can not call this world alive or developing, but it's different every time.

Stones were floating near the cocoon. They had a direction of movement and it seemed that they were somewhere or something enthusiastic.

"Although it may be I'm swimming," I mused. "And the surrounding matter is immovable."

"Take the sixth element."

I reached out my hand. The shell that surrounded me leaned over, like an elastic bubble, then surrounded the living flesh with a protective field. The hand picked up a small stone in the dead space and pulled it back in. Without thinking for a long time what to do with a piece of cloth, I put it on my finger. The substance of the stone parted, forming a hole in the center for the finger.

"Another ring. But I do not like something. Of course! This is dead matter. "

- You did not take dead matter, but a philosophical element, which is from dead matter. And now we must return to Earth.

Suddenly, I felt the approach of an incredible powerful intelligent force. It was not just powerful. Satan was not compared to Her. She did not have neither Lord nor Creator, Her who and never will know, Her, where and under no circumstances can not be stopped, She is seen only once - before a terrible death ...