4.6. The monad "I"and the birth of Universe

* "I" is a unique kind of monad of a separate being, a person; the opposite of the general, typical, collective (group).

** THE UNIVERSE is defined as the existing whole material world, finite in time and space and of course diverse in forms that takes matter in the process of its development, which can not be divided into parts just as a man without a head is a non-human. The universe, studied by astronomy - part of the material world, which is accessible to research by astronomical means, corresponding to the reached level of development of science - is called the Metagalaxy.

  • The monad "I"
  • The mathematical reliability of the existence of the monad "I"
  • The birth of the monad "I" and the definition of spiritual kinship
  • The birth of Universe and our own universe
  • Definition of Beauty
  • Multiplicity of universes and their classification
  • Definition of happiness

The monad "I"

There is a true "I" and earthly "I", a physical body and a mind that a person considers to be his real "I". An ordinary person does not distinguish between two "I", for him there is only an individuality, which he defines as characteristics of character and mental make-up that distinguish one individual from another. In the process of spiritual growth, with going beyond the categories of the activity of the mind, the desire to perceive reality as it is, by acquaintance with the possibility of controlling the mental state and going beyond the categories of the word, symbol, sound, which is a personal distortion of the surrounding world, we study the true "I" .

An example of the discovery of a true "I".

Through a milestone of joy, I managed to change many of the internal values. At some point, I felt how inside someone is protected from me and my achievements. Someone was alive. He was afraid of being bared.

The living entity was myself. The former "I" was afraid of the real "I" and its destruction. It tried to control the body and mind. And most importantly, stop the internal process.

"The lower and the higher Self!" - Thought my mind. - What kind of relationship between them lead to joy? »

"For one" I ", the aspiration is upward, through the clouds into the universe and spread out there. For another - to stay on Earth ... This relationship, when the higher "I" stands on the shoulders of the lower! "- I felt the same.

Together - it was our self individuality!

A developed personality is useful for peace and society. Many of us seek the meaning of life by launching the thought process. And the person opens a simple rule, the meaning of life is the true "I", his freedom and movement (the essence of life is a real search). It remains only to reveal or to identify it and to find the pinnacle of happiness.

Continuing the search for tools that would reveal the surrounding reality is a way out for traditional ways of perception, such as sight, hearing, a person starts to rely on the energy of the organism, which in the awareness of homo interacts with all the darkness (meaning with an infinite number of energies and matter) phenomena. Man reveals that the nervous system, along with it, the psyche and the body, is that subtle instrument in the study of Reality and Infinity, which makes it a conscious being. A person is influenced by energy and matter from the unknown sides of being, how they can understand what is positive, what is negative, which leads to spiritual perfection, and what to the fall and loss of life. And then homo reveals the inner side of the real "I". This is the spark of light! It is neither an apple, nor a tree, nor an ephemeral or philosophical concept, which has no concrete expression. Thanks to the Spark of Light, external energies and thoughts are distinguished. "I" is a global measure of Light and Darkness, Order and Chaos, Good and Evil. It is obvious that without the participation of the Logos (or the Father) in the attempt of man to go to Reality and Reality in the study of Infinity and the Absolute, such development is impossible.

I will give an example of how the "I" was discovered in path - individual "I" for the nervous system?

The mathematical reliability of the existence of the monad "I"

Mathematical reliability. From the point of view of mathematical statistics, the random probability for the resonance of the nervous system and the discovery of the monad "I", taking into account the number of tests and different steps for mastering this humanitarian potential, is equal to:

P = 1 / Nm,

where N is the number of independent steps to achieve a resonance and the discovery of the monad "I", m is the number of independent tests or different experimenter testers.

We carry out the proof by contradiction, or according to the law of mathematical logic, the negation of negation.

Let's assume that the resonance of the nerve currents and the discovery of the monad "I" is in no way connected with reality or there is a delusion. With this assumption, it would be true that the resonance of the nerve currents of the cerebral cortex and monad "I" not exist or is random.

We can evaluate the mathematical randomness, here

        N = 7 + 2 = 9 (the number of independent classes is seven and two independent currents are used to send the message and receive a response from the Logos to determine the monad "I" - individual "I" for the nervous system or https://alligater.my1.ru/faq/10-1), independence is determined by the fact that these currents are not will work if the conditions for the organization of the mind, the tuning of the nervous system and the ability to find resonance of nerve currents or the messages of circulation and the realization of the answer are not fulfilled.
        for the activity of the nervous system from explorers-experimenters it is necessary to exclude any belief, the need to stop imagination, visualization, association or wandering of the mind and the performance of fixing the mind on one single goal. As a result, with such an approach in the mind, the semantic series are expressed by a silent mental state. At this moment, the summit of Sulcus centralis is activated, according to yoga sahasrara padma. These currents organize the nervous system. Only after this is it possible to consistently get acquainted with the functions of the nervous system and use their activity as a criterion, in particular, to find the resonance for current 49 to the discovery of the monad "I",.
        m = 80 (number of independent experimental testers - http://alligater.my1.ru/dir).

We get that the probability of this event is

P=1/980 = 4,57719 * 10-77 =0,0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000457719.

This assumption is certainly false and contradicts the experimental results - anyone who started these studies at the age of 14 to 55 realizes resonance of the nervous system to the discovery of the monad "I", and receives a positive result.

This contradiction shows that the original assumption was incorrect, and therefore the assertion is true: "the resonance of the nerve currents of the cerebral cortex and the monad I",  is connected with reality, which, according to the law of double negation, is equivalent to this statement.

The reliability of these results from the point of view of mathematical statistics is 1-P=1 or there is a regularity.

The birth of the monad "I" and the definition of spiritual kinship

"I" is the unique monad of a separate being. It is the yardstick of all possible and diverse external creation. Studying the content of the "I" is a future study. And is it possible to measure this zero-dimensional object by anything. Reply is difficult. More perfect and subtle mechanisms are needed than the monad "I" itself. Is it possible to examine an atom with a bulldozer. These are disproportionate instruments. One can only say how the Spark of Light is born.

The power of the mental flow increased. I did not meditate on the images that arrived and logically arrange them on the shelves of reason. I have deepened my mental state.

I heard the creak of the cupboard door, the fall of the ceiling plaster on the floor, the thick curtains on the window stirred as if a draft had passed through them. Finally, a wooden floor sobbed loudly.

I controlled the energies of the body, mainly, with a tricky plexus. Before the inner eye, pictures appeared.

Two danced, Man and Woman. Their bodies were surrounded by dense white clouds. The music played on the air, touching the numerous horizons of the Gray Space, and was similar at the same time to the waltz of the earth and the distant mountain echo. The dance took place against the backdrop of a spiral galaxy, then moved to the turquoise sky, then the waltz was continued among thousands of rainbows-thoughts intertwined with each other ... The young man and woman penetrated into the partner in every corner of the beloved. They did not notice me, nor the sky above them, nor the ocean. The peak of ecstasy approached. And then their bodies merged, transformed into a fireball consisting of millions of small stars. Probably, this phenomenon could be compared with a quasar. And they exploded. Hundreds of thousands of sparks flew over the cosmos.

I was overcome by sadness. The ending of love was unexpected.

"Look inside yourself," - I heard Amy (from the author - one of the representatives of an unearthly civilization supporting my research).

And I understood. My Spark of Light is one of these stars. Thanks to this attribute of the psyche, I stood before the energies of the Forerunner, in particular, before the influence of the Feminine Principle with the Sparkle of Darkness, and thanks to him I distinguish good from evil. It was a piece of the mind of those two. Unlike the physical parents who laid my physical body, the man and woman I saw were spiritual parents, and laid the psychic standard of the monad "I". Amy, who tried so hard to reveal this truth to me, "I" was from the same Father and Mother.

I was stunned by the discovery - a girl from the Cosmos was my own sister.

- And among the earthlings there are my sisters and brothers? - I turned to Amy.

"See for yourself."

But I remembered the tragic end of love and asked:

- Why is that?

"So the Supreme Person gives birth to children," replied the sister.

My mind was not invested: on the one hand, the death of the Father and the Mother, on the other hand the birth of children. I tried to understand the cosmic revelation in comparison. In response, my nervous system became active in the center of the cheekbones (item 60). They were responsible for the ability to perceive the senses. Through the control and management of the biofield in this part of the organism we understood the internal state of others. And I was able to compare the Earthman with God.

People in love penetrate into each other part of the body. God penetrates entirely into God. A person experiences an erection with a part of the body - the sexual organ. Gods experience ecstasy from the fusion of every male and female part. After love, people "rest". The gods will always remain in each other's arms.

"Try to feel the power of their love," - Amy said. - "Look at your Spark."

- As there are Sparks of Light, so there are Sparks of Darkness, - I was more interested in the theme of the ratio of Light and Chaos. "Their fathers are the Mind of the Forerunner." They also scattered through the infinite Cosmos. And they can also be in the soul of earthlings. Correctly?"

"Sounds like it," - Amy said without answering. - "Look at the nature of Spark itself."

The birth of Universe and our own universe

In accordance with the data of cosmology, the universe emerged as a result of an explosive process of quantum dimensions, called the Big Bang and occurred about 14 billion years ago [1, 2]. The very fact of the Big Bang is proven, but the explanations of its causes and detailed descriptions of how it happened, what the origin of matter, energy and space-time, which formed the universe, is so far a global cosmological dilemma [3]. If it is easier, modern physics has no idea what was at the moment of the singularity of the universe, where the singularity came from, what are the causes and consequences, what is the relationship between the birth of the universe and the concepts of good and evil ...

The fact that our Universe is adapted for the formation of life can not be explained by chance.

M. Planck (Nobel Prize, 1918) asserted: "The indisputable fact established by physical research is that the elementary bricks of the universe are not chaotically dumped together near one another, but are connected together according to a single plan. Thus, nothing prevents us (and our intellectual nature, which gravitates towards a single world view, even requires it) to identify two universal acting forces, although fulfilled secrets: the scientific structure of the world and the God of religions "[4].

A. Einstein (Nobel Laureate, 1921) added that "anyone who is involved in scientific research can not but come to the conviction that in what we call the laws of nature, a certain Spirit-Spirit manifests, in the face of which man must feel his nothingness. "

So the probability of accidental occurrence of the simplest forms of life in mathematical calculations is 1 chance out of 10450. Any events that have a probability less than one chance out of 1050 are recognized by science as impossible! The accidental coincidence of the properties of the atmosphere (the ratio of CO2), the remoteness of the earth from the Sun, the tilt of the Earth to the plane of the Moon's orbit and the distance to it, the properties of water ... The randomness of only these features is 103000. But these signs alone are not sufficient for the spontaneous generation of life. Change only a small part of the components already make life on Earth not possible. ... Not to mention the accidental "impossibility" of interactions of chemical elements and random nuclear reactions. There are thousands of examples of accidents that are impossible. However, the Universe is!

Fred Hoyle cites such data: "If we calculate how many combinations of amino acids are possible at all in the formation of enzymes, the probability of their random occurrence by random search is less than 1 per 104000. And this is only the probability of the formation of enzymes - only some of the components of the cell!

The simplest DNA gene is a chain of 300 amino acids: i.e. 300 positions, each of which can be occupied by four nucleotides. The probability of forming one "right" molecule among the possible options is 1 to 7,200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (this is not a fuse key - it should have turned out 108 zeros) !!!

The protein molecule, even the simplest, - in comparison with the DNA chain, has billions of nucleotides!

Prof. J.T. Bonner, a Pristone biologist specializing in plankton microorganisms, wrote that the simplest single-celled organism contains on average about 200 trillion protein molecules ...

As  said Isa Singer, Nobel Laureate in Literature of 1978, "Some materialists ascribe to the blind mechanism of evolution more miracles, incredible coincidences and amazing phenomena than ever the theologians of the world attributed to God."

Contradictions of modern hypotheses of the birth of the universe are obvious. Probability theory studies RANDOM events. And if the probability theory says that the probability of an RANDOM appearance of life is 0, and the fact of the event occurring on the face, then the event is 100% correspondingly NOT RANDOM.

It is clear that without understanding the process of the emergence of the universe it is not possible to build a unified theory of the universe. Unfortunately, most modern hypotheses and their supporters are engaged in sweeping up problems like garbage, under the carpet. Their main problem is the exclusion of the anthropic principle and the lack of schemes for the interaction "man - the birth of the universe." For this reason, these hypotheses do not determine the place of a person and his individuality in the universe. As a result, such hypotheses are technically limited and inhumane.

Within the framework of studies of interaction of human-time [5] and human-space [6], the creation of any universe with certain properties of vacuum is accomplished by zero-dimensional objects that do not have the dimension of space-time. This is literally an ideal singularity or a mathematical point in space-time; The singularity has an internal energy different from zero. This zero-dimensional object has enormous forces of interaction with the physical vacuum, which subsequently leads to a change in the vacuum and the creation of energy vortices, their interaction with the philosophical field, and, subsequently, leads to the appearance of elementary particles, electric charge and mass. Almost infinite density of energy and mass leads to the Big Bang and the birth of the universe.

Fig. 1. The birth of any universe with certain properties of the vacuum is carried out by zero-dimensional objects that do not have the dimension of space-time. This is literally an ideal singularity (black hole) or a point in space-time. Such a zero-dimensional object is the monad "I".

This is the formula for the birth of any universe.

And here it is necessary to say about dissertations and laureates of modern natural sciences: "Do not be proud of the title, but be proud of knowledge." What is the knowledge of the world around the modern scientist?! ..

Anthropomorphic connection of personality and birth of the universe. Such a zero-dimensional object is the monad "I" [7]. The monad "I" is one of the components of a person, along with the body and soul. This triad of human components explains the psychic phenomena, internal potential, the rules of their disclosure and determine the natural way of civilization evolution from the primitive society to the colonization of the solar system, the Milky Way galaxy and the universe.

The reliability of the existence of the monad "I" is connected with the definition of "what is a Man", which the individuality of the "I" plays for the psyche and the rules of safety of managing the nervous system. The verifiability of the existence of the monad "I", when each reader has the opportunity to make sure that the monad "I" exists, is represented at the school of classical Yoga. According to the yogi, the monad "I" corresponds to the Atman [8, 9]; by the Taoist technique - the Higher "I" [10]; by Christianity - "Yahweh" (Yahweh, I am) [11]. Unfortunately, the young science of psychology is still in the definition of Man does not include the monad "I" [12].

It is the monad "I", literally, from sincerity and from the volume of true awareness of the personality [13], as the moral principle of the Logos and any other reasonable creation, is filled with energy and, at a critical value, explodes or is a wick that undermines the vacuum and generates a big explosion of the new universe . The energy of the monad "undermines" the interconnections of world quarks, antiquarks and distributes the philosophical element [14].

Let me remind you that the world quark is one of the components of a physical vacuum; determines the universal natural qualities, has the status of the first principle in relation to time and space, is born from a rational being and represents the biofield of the thoracic nerve center, has a massless electrically neutral structure of numerous Klein tubes, can also be called brane from string theory with some refinements . One part of the length of the world quark (brane) or biofield of the thoracic center fills the micro-measurements, the other part fills the mega-dimensions of Space-Time. There is a junction of micro and mega-measurements, where they pass into each other. It is the   spinal cord or column. The set of world quarks, together with philosophical quarks, is a physical vacuum.

The monad "I" "undermines" the given world quarks. The "undermining" of quarks implies the very rapid appearance of a huge number of new interrelationships between unit quarks. As a result, new interrelationships between world quarks are created-rotating quark strings, which philosophical quarks endow with the properties of mass and electric charge; from the point of view of modern physics, such rotating strings or vortices of energy are elementary particles, for example, for our Universe these are hadrons and leptons.

Illustration. The world quark of man and the anthropometric projections of the map of the Cosmos for determining the types of universes.
So, in the proposed scheme for the birth of the universe, Anthropocosmos or the biofield of the thoracic plexus and the monad "I", whose carriers are the real physical body of a certain personality, participate.

As mentioned above, the Anthropocosmos of a rational creation is one of the innumerable quarks on which this or that universe is built. On the one hand, the quark has the smallest space-time dimensions, on the other hand it is turned inside out and has the largest space-time dimension. That is, the quark is both the smallest and largest magnitude. Five types of quarks are allocated, 5 antiquarks correspond to them. There is also the 11th philosophical quark, which does not have the opposite quark. 11 world quarks! Quarks interact with other quarks through gluons or bonds. The whole picture is not an ephemeral representation! It has a multidimensional clear structure that goes into the depth and upward of matter, has the content and phenomena occurring in it, which every highly intelligent personality (demiurge) can study. For example, thanks to the anthropocosmos or quarks, the demiurge performs teleportation, travels in time, develops new types of technical devices, and more.

It is difficult to explain the grandiose picture, now I operate with dimensions so meager and infinitely large, at the same time so multidimensional and zero-dimensional that there is not enough earth language. I will describe poetically the phenomenon of the birth of the universe and the connection with the anthropocosmos:

I imagined myself next to Alena, a friend of my ex-wife. Then I danced with her, pressed to my chest, then we retired, finally, experienced the top of the naked body.

My ideas about the woman were bright and strong. Representations reflected on the surrounding nature and were transferred to the horizon of another dimension, remaining there forever, as a cast of the completed picture of events played out by thinking. I asked the question: "What is the role of fantasies and ideas of the mind for the surrounding world?"

My "I" instantly turned up in the anthropocosmos near the oak crown (item 114) and I saw a wasp. I noticed that bees were running around the Anthropocosmos Tree, there were butterflies, beetles. At the top a few birds were hovering (item 113), small animals resembling caress lived in the branches of the Tree. Representations and fantasies were transferred in the form of living creatures, more often fauna, into the anthropocosoms and continued to live, while being useful or harmful animals. In the anthropocosmos, there might be caterpillars eating the vegetable mass of the Cosmic Tree. Because of the unfruitful ideas of the mind in Eternity, human fears could also get caught. Here they looked like little animals with unnaturally extended faces. Best for a multi-dimensional soul were pure and sincere views. Then the sky will be a bottomless blue vault with mottled white clouds (item 112).

From sincere purity and sincerity, I felt a different horizon of life. It was my "I", the zero-dimensional being, which was filled with the dense energy of millions of sparks and which can not be deterred from a rapid first explosion. From the zero-dimensional monad "I" there was a first impetus for the birth of the universe, my own universe. It was a new universe in Sed Cosmos, in which I was God the Creator.

In the same way, the birth of the Universe of our Father took place, in which I, you, we and they were born.

Further, there is an expansion and development of the young universe, but not according to the random law, but according to the law of expediency, when other monads "I" gradually fill the place in the universe and become the internal engine of the expediency of the new universe, matter, young galaxies, stars, planets, seasons, twelve months, the guardian of creation, the birth of art ...

So all existing interactions of universe are determined.

What is beauty? Contact with aliens

The human can not answer this question for 10 thousand years. Or if there is an answer, there are as many as people on the planet. Beauty is an aesthetic sense of a person and is connected with its inner world, the concept of beauty is individual. So usually they say.

Yes, this is an aesthetic feeling. What is it connected with, again the same question: What is beauty, harmony, order?

Maybe this elusive moment of harmony? For example, when you walk through the morning forest, there is a smell of needles, long shadows of pines, the sky is clear blue ... And, suddenly, ecstasy comes from beauty.

Here's the peach. On the peach is a drop of dew, you see how the drop trembles - he wants to fall. And suddenly you see in a drop of half the world, like in a diminutive lens ... With this drop, the magic of the reflection of the world will fall ... Beautiful!

Obviously, beauty is interconnected with such concepts as harmony, order, instant of time.

Another example of beauty and harmony is lunar eclipses. The moon, a satellite of the planet Earth, precisely closes the solar disk, no more and no less. And we are from the Earth watching the incredible crown of the Sun. Push the Moon a few dozen kilometers to Earth and we can not observe the beauty of the eclipse. With the Moon life is connected on the planet Earth, in particular, the menstrual cycle of women.

Another example. The beauty of the night starry sky with the Milky Way on it! Universe!

But change any of the physical constants: the gravitational constant, the electrical constant, the Planck constant, the Boltzmann constant ... and our usual world will literally be scattered.

What is beauty?

This question can be answered only by science, which combines matter and reason in itself, and does not contrast them as materialism and idealism.

The answer to the question, what is Beauty?

Within the framework of psychological mechanics and the Atlas of quantum psychology, the soul and individuality occupy a fundamental place, along with matter,!

Heart Soul. The gate to the soul is the heart or thoracic nerve center. With resonances of the nerve currents of the thoracic plexus, a quantum bio-field is formed, which in geometric form is a Tree. The roots of the Tree penetrate into the depths of the scanty and even less. Branches rush into the infinitely great and even greater. This is the Tree of Life, which grows according to the logarithmetic law with a coefficient, where one meter into the depth is penetration into the horizon of ordinary matter to a power as 10-360. Branches have the same index, but with a positive degree.

The Tree of Life can have roots a few kilometers deep, the branches are directed to the same height and higher.

Due to this law or position, a person, like any other highly developed personality from any other universe, is commensurate with both the infinitely small and the vast Universe, much, much more grandiose - the entire Cosmos.

Jesus Christ spoke in your heart blooming gardens - the Tree of Life, in Taoism - the Tree of the Limit, in the Slavic tradition - the World Tree, in bondage - the Tree of Life, the Igggradsil tree ...

This Tree of Life is the evolution of the human soul. This is the achievement of the graduates of the second year of the AlligaTer University.

In evolution, the roots and branches are intertwined, forming a sphere with two points - the outcome of the chest and the convergence in the spinal cord of a rational creation, in particular, of a human being. In the world of the Tree of Life, there are attributes like springs, stones, like clouds, the Sun, the Moon, the stars ... This is a link to other equally rich developed souls of their personalities. This is also a gluon bond (glue). These connections or gluons are elementary particles in other worlds. There are five world quarks and antiquarks, as well as a philosophical quark, which has no opposite. How many highly developed personalities, so many world quarks in an infinite Cosmos. Learn More

And now we move on to individuality. The individuality of each of us has two components: 1) the physical "I" that identifies the individuality with the physical body and its needs, and 2) the higher "I", in fact, the monad "I", is the zero-dimensional object - the Spark, through which man distinguishes between Good and Evil, Light and Dark, thanks to which he distinguishes the currents of quantum resonances between the human nervous system and the darkness of the phenomena of the surrounding world from infinitesimal to infinite, the most important component for the evolution of man and the development of resonances of the nervous system, the security rule. A person acquainted with the monad "I" already in the first lectures of Alligah Ter (the eighth lecture of the school of yoga) from all one hundred and twenty steps, this is the essential difference of Alliga Ter from famous practices on the Earth and thanks to which, education is a diamond quick way.

The monad "I" has an evolution, like any phenomenon in the Cosmos. From sincerity, ordinary sincerity of a personality, a zero-dimensional object absorbs energy. The monad "I" is charged with energy more and more. And the moment comes when there is an explosion. This is the dumping of the accumulated energy of the monad "I" into the world around ...

In modern physics, this phenomenon is analogous to the evaporation of a micro black hole!

In the zero-dimensional physical volume, new gluon bonds, elementary particles are produced. This is the Big Bang that spawns the universe. At this moment a highly spiritual personality, in particular a person, sets the law for the development of a new universe or the law of the expediency of the universe.

Maybe the law of the expediency of the universe, like
1) the study of cause-effect or time (this is the smallest in size universe and the widest, occupying a layer of trillions-trillions of orders)
2) the study of love,
3) study of matter,
4) study of creativity,
5) the study of life and forms of relationships of life (a vivid example, our universe, which has a universe breadth from 10-15 to 1030 meters or 45 orders of magnitude)
6) study of speech and vibration.
7) the study of geometry or space,
8) the study of thought (the most enormous universe, the elementary particle of such a universe is many, many times greater than our entire universe and with a very narrow latitude to several orders), finally,
9) the study of the interface is scanty and infinitely large.

After the birth of the universe, it is filled with the laws of expediency of a lower level. They are also performed by the monad "I" of a highly developed personality, other than for the birth of the universe.

On the example of our universe - this is the expediency of "I am", then the Power of the Woman's Beginning, ..

Regarding the planet Earth 108 laws of expediency are allocated:

Legend or Spark of light that generates the universe; Creator; The power of the feminine or the universe; Medovo-koki or the god of fire Agni; Shelter; Heavenly Architect (Shiva) or Starry Sky; High Justice or Amy; Inconspicuous; Tree; Bull; Heavenly Conception; Cow; Dog; The Byk-Banner; Enlightened spirit; Father or Teacher; Time; Death; Light source; God of Earth or Gabr; God of the Wind or Vayu (Heaven); God of Water or Gay; Generating the Sun; The architect of demons; Incarnate; The Creator of the Laws; Seven generated by the mind; the sacrifice of the gods or the true "I"; Mother; The sun; Defender of humanity and descending to Earth or avatar; The creator of a spear, firmness and powerful power; Victorious; Wonder-winged; Moon; Goddess of the Earth; Six-year-old child; The Obstacle of Obstacles; Shape of the Sun or Horse; The ancestor of mankind; King of Justice; King of the Titans; Lord of contemplation; King of the solar dynasty; ancestral Priest; Ruler of Venus; Ruler of Mercury; Ruler of Mars; Quiet or Jupiter; Lord of the wealth of Kubera; King of the lunar dynasty; Dawn; Dusk; Shine; Lord of all fervor; Creator of the flesh; The giver of life; Persecutor of darkness; Lord of the Smoky; Creator of art; Completion of art; Carrier of art; A refuge of immortals; Goddess of luck and prosperity; four time periods (4: 3: 2: 1); twelve months; four periods of the year or Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter; Wheel of Time; The source of vitality; The creature's creature; Protection of the world order; Banner of Truth or Issitha; The charioteer; Ocean; Cloud; Refuge of creatures; The container of all creatures; Gateway to the sky; The gates of creation; Gates of salvation; The sky of the gods; Treasure; Gold; The soul of everything or Salvatierra; the center of friendliness.

Each of the laws of expediency determines the fundamental laws for the planet Earth of our universe.

Thus, everything around us is a manifestation of the law of harmony or beauty, or the expediency of the monad "I" of a representative of the cosmic civilization that physically lives on the distant planet of Infinite Cosmos, and most likely not in our universe.

This achievement of the evolution of the monad "I" is the result of the graduates of the third year of the AlligaTer University.

Studying the laws of expediency - we study beauty, aliens and the Higher Reason.

A special place is occupied by the laws of expediency of the planets of the solar system. Without their knowledge, the development of the solar system is difficult. On the laws of expediency of our planets, a mature person can get acquainted at the middle courses of Alligar Ter University (this is the level of scientific humanism for mastering the solar system or SOLARIS), children can learn from the training "Mirror of Human" - placebo planets.

A special place is occupied by the Clouds. Clouds are a reflection of thought forms in the geometric and temporal form of a cloud.

In the clouds, a person sees all kinds of scenes: how clouds kiss, human, all-seeing eye, space ships, representatives of cosmic civilizations - reptoids, scenes of past epochs of the planet Earth, a kiss of the sky ... Detailed photos and video documents of Alliga Terra can be found on the links - Noosphere Earth - http://alligater.my1.ru/photo/, and Parallel world - video.

Such a situation is important for the terrestrial civilization to learn beforehand the forms of life outside the Earth, and also for the natural preservation of the history of the Earth.

Now do you understand that there is Beauty?

A short definition without a tautology: Beauty is the law of expediency, which is established by the monad "I" of the individuality of the Higher Reason or the representative of the Cosmoc. For the planet Earth  are singled out 108 laws of Beauty or the laws of expediency.
The conclusion. By this article, I gave the definition that there is beauty from the point of view of the unity of matter and mind, and explained how we make contact with aliens every day, every moment. Similarly, the article gives the direction of the aesthetic development of human for millions of years ahead and answers the question of how to consciously come into contact with the Higher Reason.

The multiplicity of universes, their habitation, classification and definition of the type of any universe

Due to the anthropic nature of the cosmos and the relationship with the main peripheral nerve plexuses, we can determine the position of our Universe (Metagalaxy) and classify (type) the universe according to its purpose or depth of occurrence.

Our universe with respect to the world quark has a rather narrow spatial region ~ 43 orders of magnitude or ~ 10-15 - 1028 meters (from proton sizes to 10-fold Metagalaxy), which corresponds to the field of the thoracic nerve center; the goal of our universe is to study the forms of life and their interrelations.

In the depth of matter with respect to the Metagalaxy are such universes, see the illustration above.:

  •     10-1170 - 10-1250 meters. The first stone in the roots of the world quark is formed by the intersection of the anthropocosmos of Man and the elements of Earth; transition to the Gabra universe, the goal of this universe is the study and establishment of regularities. This universe is built on elementary particles much, much smaller than the particles of our world, it is wider in diversity from our world and makes up ~ 80 orders of breadth. Physically, as a person, Gabr is in this universe, but his monad "I" in our Universe determines the laws of the expediency of the Earth elements (not to be confused with the planet Earth). Item. 121.
  •     10-1400 - 10-1560 meters. The second stone in the roots of the world quark is formed at the junction of the anthropocosmos of Man and the universe of Narayana. The purpose of this universe is to define the boundaries of knowledge and transfer the energy of knowledge to the unknown for any intelligent creature. The universe of Narayana utilizes a number of energies that lead to illnesses, and can be a place of imprisonment of inhumane rational forces. This universe is built on elementary particles much, much smaller than the particles of the previous world, it is wider in diversity and makes up a width of ~ 160 orders of magnitude. Item. 122.
  •     10-2030 - 10-2210 meters. The first underground spring is a universe that explores the elements of Continuity, mainly the depth of penetration of any intelligent creatures, in particular, humans, into the Cosmos; The sound "oh" and "ah" spreads over the spring. This universe is built on elementary particles much, much smaller than the particles of the previous world, it is wider in diversity and makes a width of ~ 180 orders of magnitude.  Item. 125 ..
  •     10-3100 - 10-4800 meters. The third stone in the roots of the world quark is the transition to the universe of Issia and the first access to the Forerunner (Chaos or what is outside any universe). Parent of this universe is the monad "I" Issey, the very Issey is a native of our universe and our Milky Way Galaxy. In this universe, information about space-time tunneling is stored; matrices of the physical body, due to which a person during teleportation decays to the specified sizes of elementals, moves, then we gather. In the era of Cosmos, to master the methods of teleportation, it is important to know this being. This universe is built on elementary particles much, much smaller than the particles of the previous world, it is wider in variety and makes a width of ~ 1700 orders or 65 thousand times more than our universe.  Item. 127.
  •     10-5700 - 10-6230 meters. The second underground spring is a universe that studies continuity and brings freedom of action for any intelligent creatures, in particular, humans. This universe is built on elementary particles much, much smaller than the particles of the previous world, the variety is a width of ~ 530 orders of magnitude.  Item. 129.
  •     Much deeper. The use of order in degree, as above, is incorrect. Here, correctly entering the new calculus, as the own meter and kilometer of the depth of the roots of the world quark. If the previous depths of the universes are meters and dozens of meters of the world quark, then at a depth of 1-2 km there are several underground seas. These are exits to incredibly deep and wide-ranging universes that study Love. One of the seas is the Ayaian universe, the other of the seas is the universe of Issa, the creator of which is the monad I of man from the planet Earth, personally I am. They are below the  item. 110.
  •     Even deeper in the depths of hundreds of thousands of kilometers of the quark are several underground voids. This is a transition to the double universe of Aa and Arnie, which studies the cause-effect and the time of all universes above them. The dual universe is Aa-Arnipostroen on elementary particles much, much smaller than the particles of the previous world, in diversity is almost infinite width. In this universe time becomes three-dimensional, and space one-dimensional. The universe contains all the alternative stories of the nuclei of galaxies or black holes of universes over this world. The Aa-Arni universe extends from the item. 116 to the item. 134.
  •     Even deeper in the vicinity of the junction of an almost infinitesimal and infinitely large world quark (not absolute zero and infinity, but finite very small and huge) are fluff and chamomile. This is the transition to the double universe of Aeol 1 and Aeol 2, where they study the rules of child rearing, the development of a child's innate positive addiction and the necessary attitude of parents to children. These universes define an innate positive inclination at the birth of any reasonable creation from the universe above them, depending on the conditions of the external life. Elementary particles are much, much smaller than the particles of the previous world, in diversity is an incredible width. Aeolian 1 and Aeol 2  item. 133 and  item. 134.
  •     Here, at the junction of an almost small and infinitely large quark, there is a claw of the DEATHER SOMETHING. This is the transition to the SOMETHING universe, where the study of aging, death, decay of the flesh, negative innate propensities or vices, their manifestation and use as the engine of fate from the worst to the good. This universe determines the inherent spiritual defect in the birth of any intelligent creature for the universes above them, depending on the conditions of the external life. Elementary particles are much, much smaller than the particles of the previous world, in diversity is an incredible  item. 132.

This was listed by micro-measurements. In mega-measurements relatively the Metagalaxy are such mega-universes:

  •     10500 - 107800 meters. The Vayu universe, which studies the elements of Wind and change, also studies the emotions and feelings of intelligent inhabitants in this and under this universe, and which breathes any world quark. This universe is built on elementary particles much, much more from the particles of our world, it is wider in diversity from our world and is a width of ~ 7,300 orders. Physically, as a person, Vayu is in this universe, but his monad "I" in our universe determines the laws of the expediency of the elements of the Wind, both on the planet Earth and in outer space, for example, participation of the laws of expediency in the birth of the planetary system.  item. 115.
  •     Much higher is the universe of the Logos Doom. In this universe, the demiurge of Ya lives. His universe determines mental laws, rules of flow and sequence of thoughts, and also distributes small monads "I" at the birth of any intelligent creature from the beginning of the first heart beat, for example, for our Universe.  Item. as a cloud, 112.
  •     In this same layer there is a transition to the Agni universe, which studies the elements of Fire and energy. Physically, as a person, Agni is in this universe, but his monad "I" in our universe determines the laws of expediency of the element of Fire and energy, for example, the laws of expediency and the course of reactions in stars with the release of energy. Item. as the sun, 111.
  •     Much higher is the universe, the purpose of which is to study the Female Principle. In this universe, a woman physically lives, the monad "I" of which performs the functions of the feminine principle for our universe. This universe is built on elementary particles much, much more from the particles of the previous world.  Item. as the moon, 108.

Thus, there are many inhabited universes, any universe bears the cause of its birth and is the result of development of expediency and collective consciousness of highly spiritual persons. The reason for the birth of our universe is the study of the diversity of life forms.

This approach allows us to build a map of the Cosmos between the individual and the universes of the micro- and mega-cosmos, as well as between the generality of individuals as cosmic civilizations, and the infinite inward-over the universe of the cosmos beyond the attributes of time and space (the latter are derived from more fundamental phenomena).

The conclusion. The resulted atropological connection of the birth of the universe, the type of the universe and the individuality are modern studies of the resonances of the human nervous system and historical spiritual conquests for several thousand years. The reliability of the participation of the monad "I", soul and organism in the birth of the universe is connected with the essence of the relationship between individuality and the cosmos.

Definition of happiness

On the way to eternal happiness we will answer the question: What is happiness and satisfaction? What is their difference?

Usually, all definitions of important semantic categories of modern psychology, philosophy, in general, science, gives through tautology, you can look on the Internet - what is happiness and satisfaction? This position indicates the fallacy of the judgment about happiness and satisfaction.

Within the framework of the atlas of quantum psychology and psychological mechanics, it is possible to give a clear definition of what happiness and satisfaction are, without determining one through another identical word or meaning. The description will be short and dedicated to the day of March 8 or dedicated to our tender, caring and kind half, woman.

A person has two "I":
  1.     the earthly "I" is the identification of oneself with the physical body and its needs;
  2.     the inner "I," also the monad "I", also Yahweh, the supreme, the true "I", just the Atman ... - literally, the spark of Light, through which each of us distinguishes between good and evil, spiritual light and darkness, color interaction of the nervous system with external quantum fields ...
Together, the two "I" determine the individuality of each of us (individuality is one of the components of a person, the other two components are the body and soul).


Happiness is the development and growth of the monad "I" or the inner true self.

Satisfaction is the realization of the desires of the earthly "I" or the needs of its physical body and mind.
Examples of happiness and misfortune!

Children are happy, for their monad "I" grows and develops with each new knowledge, skill, creativity ... This is true for any object. Dogs come to me to learn. They really like to understand and execute the commands: sit, lie, give a paw, bring a stick, search, voice ... and learn to speak. They run away from their owners to me, to learn and develop their inner self. For plants this is just the same! An adult has happiness from the realization of high creative plans-tasks, from new heights and the growth of the wealth of his inner self. The evolution of the "I" was written above.

"I" can not be confused with the soul.

Briefly: from the sincerity of the monad the "I" becomes more and more filled with inner energy, and the monad "I" becomes the law of the expediency of the natural phenomenon in the Cosmos, right up to the birth of the universe is the act of the birth of matter from the singularity of the "I". In this case, the monad "I" remains the inner "I" of a particular person with a certain planet and simultaneously gives birth to a new universe in an infinite Cosmos.

Especially it should be said about true love, when a man and a woman, due to the congruence of their souls or high empathy, fulfill their internal duty - to make another person happier. In such a pair their soul and monads "I" unite.

All these are examples of happiness.

If none of this is there, then literally - this is unhappiness.

Examples of satisfaction and dissatisfaction!

This satisfaction of physiological needs from air, nutrition, sex drive to social needs: to be a wife, to be a mother and have an official stamp in the passport ... material prosperity, car, money, mansion ...

All these are examples of desires, their satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Almost all rich people complain: there is everything, there is no happiness!

The reason is simple, they satisfy their physical body needs, but do not develop the inner "I" or monad "I".

It is also clear that ignorance, aggression, crime, adultery, depravity, attempt on someone else's property, encroachment on someone else's honor, perjury, persistence in sinfulness ... do not make a person happy, they just satisfy his needs.
That's what happiness is - misfortune, satisfaction - dissatisfaction, than they differ without the use of tautology.

Happiness is the development of the monad "I"; satisfaction is the realization of the needs of the physical body and mind.

Knowing this, it is easy to determine the path to eternal happiness.

Be happy! This means that develop your inner self or monad "I". Such a path to eternal happiness! Happy holiday, gentle, caring and kind!

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