5.2. Apocalypse, Paradise and Hell, Angels and Demons according to the classification of nerve centers

What to do? - Every person asks from a young age, perhaps from five years, when the formation of the thinking of the personality takes place. This question is also asked when looking for, creativity, and under stress, scandal, aggression ... ie. in any human activity. It's a pensioner, president, politician, official, minister, director, scientist, employee, worker, inventor, father and mother, student, teacher, girl and boy, student, defender of the fatherland, aggressor, What to do?

This provision is also true for the family, the collective, the people, the state, associations of states that act as one entity, for example, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the EU ...

It is interesting that the answer gets its own.


  The fundamental components of the answer to the question: What to do?

There are general trends in the answer to the question: What to do? Moreover, we can distinguish three fundamental components.

The fundamental components of the answer to the question: What to do?

  1.     To be true or to act is true. About what is truth? Briefly, truth is a spiritual light in a person, this light in a person determines the measure of truth or reliability of the received information from the surrounding world and our knowledge of the world, and also defines the opposite category - lies, delusion.
  2.     Trust the soul or heart, more precisely the thoracic nerve center. The soul is the quintessence of the multidimensional Cosmos from infinitely small to infinitely great. Briefly, if an act hurts a heart, then a person acts ignorantly, stupidly, not wisely.
  3.     Preserve the psychological integrity of the body, soul and individuality for adequacy to the surrounding world. More about adequacy.

Thus, observing the above three foundations, we will act truly, wisely and adequately. Obviously, success, creativity, wealth, love, good children and friends, health, spiritual achievements, imperishable happiness - are provided for us.

Otherwise, if a person does not observe three whales answer to the question: What should I do? Such a person is obviously ignorant, a destroyer, a vandal, aggressive, scandalous, criminal, a villain, an egoist, does not develop creativity in children, insults children, he or she with lack of kindness, care and tenderness, persists in the above, briefly, sinfulness.

After the death of a person, its three components: 1) the body, 2) the soul and 3) the monad "I", respectively, 1) return to frailty, 2) go to heaven or hell, 3) go to the Logos. In heaven the soul enjoys, in the hell the soul is purified. In any case, to later return to a new life until the Anthropocosmos or the Tree of Life ascends in the human soul. This is reankarnatsiya. The person who has the Tree of Life is not confirmed by the return to a new life on planet Earth, human is resurrected by representatives of the Higher Reason, as a valuable personality for the Cosmos, with the same soul or anthropocosmos, the monad "I" and a new body.

So the question is: what to do? - there is a creative platform, the result of which is:
  1. manifestation of creativity, love, good children and friends, health, success, joy on the planet Earth and after the death of Paradise inheritance;
  2. manifestation of ignorance, destruction, vandalism, aggressiveness, scandal, crime, atrocity, .. briefly, sinfulness, for the satisfaction of power or wealth on the planet Earth and after death the inheritance of Hell;
  3. spiritual achievements on the planet Earth, as the wealth of the soul and the monads "I", imperishable happiness and after death the resurrection in the circle of the Higher Reason.

Circles of Paradise and Hell, scientific classification

For Heaven and Hell, there are the same circles that the hierarchies of angels and demons, as well as the scientific classification of human psychotypes.

There are nine spheres of Paradise and seven circles of Hell. Below in the table is a classification of paradise and hell according to the resonances of the human nerve centers. In this definition of the spheres of Paradise and Hell, the human is one of the standards of Being.

Paradise and Hell are necessary and important for the respiration and purification of souls, for their further regeneration or reincarnation of the renaturalization in the birth of a new life of another person with another body and another monad "I" for the ascent of a person with a developed soul to the level of a representative of the cosmic galactic civilization or Logos. This is the law of the Logos in our universe.

Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Freedom of Choice

Almost two thousand years, several horsemen gallop across planet Earth from one person to another, so that the pure one becomes crystal clear, the bad one becomes even more defiled.
  1.     The first horseman with a wreath and a bow on a white horse.
  2.     The second horseman with a sword on a red horse.
  3.     The third rider with weights in his hand on a black horse.
  4.     Fourth pale rider with power over the world on a pale horse.
  5.     The fifth horseman in clothes is stained with blood on a white horse with a host of white horses, clothed in fine linen white and clean.
The name of the horsemen - Probation:

1) lie and power for purity,
2) aggression and war for virtue,
3) wealth and money for wisdom,
4) insanity and lust for life,
5) true for the choice of betrayal and death.

It is important to note the unshakable law: who violated the freedom of choice of one's neighbor, that criminal. (Do not confuse freedom of choice with human freedom). This biblical and universal law is forgotten or missed by most people, committing a crime against honor and good.

Each of us has made a choice or will do it.

The body will go to dust. Together with it, the earthly "I", which identified itself with the physical body. Remain eternal
1) the higher "I", which serves to distinguish between good and evil, light and darkness, will ascend to the Logos, and
2) the soul, which has memory, honor and conscience, it passes through purgatory.

On the classification of the purgatory of the soul - Paradise and Hell, Angels and Demons according to the classification of nerve centers ...

A special place is occupied by the rulers and churches that have guided the destinies of millions, nowadays billions of people, sometimes for a very long historical time.

I will give an example of purgatory on the example of a specific person, on the basis of which each of us can form an idea of ​​the place worthy of his soul and others.

Example based on Vladimir:
  • None of the probations have been passed ...
  • There are violations of freedom of choice and crimes against humanity for hundreds of millions of destinies ...
  • Congenital vice, cynicism with manipulation of someone else's hands, not overcome ...
Purgatory for Vladimir's soul will be a cold world without light under a many kilometers of ice and stone. This is the depths of a lifeless ice dwarf planet, such as Charon. The soul will be "frozen" when one year of the soul will be equal to tens of millions of terrestrial years, for the judgment of his conscience and honor over his earthly deeds. The soul will be subordinated to the law of the harmony of the planet. The dwarf planet will be visited by representatives of highly developed space civilizations for exploration and extraction of minerals from its bowels.

The worst purgatory for the soul is imprisonment in the Kuiper belt and the Oort cloud for remorse and honor for tens of billions of years or more, almost forever.

Then Vladimir's soul will be transferred to another planet in the depths of hot magma, like Venus, with a new law of harmony. The speed of the flow of time for the soul will accelerate by many orders of magnitude.

Further, Vladimir's soul will be in the heart of the pink worm of a wormy apple. The person, having bitten off an apple and having found a worm, throws it far into the grass. The pink worm will die. The speed of the flow of time for the soul of the worm is equal to the instant when one day is equal to a thousand earth years.

Further, Vladimir's soul may find itself in the heart of a mollusk, an insect, a fish, an amphibian, a reptile, a mammal, and finally a human subject to the new laws of the beauty of Nature.

Otherwise, for a person who has publicly repented or partially passed the Probation. His soul will begin purgatory from a higher level. It is very possible, from birth in a new family across a few decades.

The same one who has passed all the
Probation and overcame the inner spiritual vice, is born after death or resurrected on the planets of higher cosmic civilizations, such as Christ. On such planets, the level of humanism and the code of behavior in comparison with the human attitude of the world is comparable, like a man in front of a worm in an apple.

The result of rebirths:
Human is a quantum autonomous ship between any worlds, where individuality is the captain, the organism is the ship's system, the soul is cosmic map to innumerable treasures. Each of us is a human ... This is the level of civilization of Architects.

Riddle-Parable of the End of the World or the Apocalypse


The planet of hands throws the ball. Millennium, one hundred thousand years... just like that or so it is necessary... The ball has burst. The eyes of those whose hands were lowered. They see - on the contrary a stone mantis, there is nothing alive, maybe only a stone lip. For a long, long time, stone mantises look at each other. For a long time they can not express themselves. Finally, a thought from one mantis: a new ball would fall... The sky unfolded and fell... an intolerable Light... Do not hide from Him, for this is the Truth. The Light passed. The mantis eyes shone ... One of the praying mantises grew wings and became a winged human... From his touch to other stone mantis they become winged people ... And, suddenly, the sky turned... and a new ball fell ...

And it is not clear further: will the planet become for winged people or stone praying mantises?

What is the ball?

The answer to the riddle-parable (written in white font): ...Faith, hope, love and money (or wealth). Accordingly, the sacral, prostatic and epigastric center or lower triad is based on the earthly mind. This is the pillar of life for survival.
It will be stopped and replaced with knowledge, essence, heart (only love) and creativity based on cosmic ethics. Correspondingly, the parietal center, the tricky plexus, the thoracic center and the solar plexus or the upper nerve centers. This is the pillar of life for development.

Or a short answer (written in white font): Human is not a stone. Human is a quantum-spacecraft.


Question: what to do? - there is a creative platform on our planet Earth, the result of which is the succession of success, creativity, wealth, love, good children, friends, health, happiness and further paradise or resurrection. Or the inheritance of ignorance, destruction, vandalism, aggressiveness, scandal, crime, atrocity, .. briefly, sinful and then hell.

The classification of paradise and hell according to the resonances of human nerve centers is given. There are nine spheres of paradise and seven circles of hell. In this definition of the spheres of paradise and circles of hell, the HUMAN is one of the standards of Being ...

The platform focuses on rethinking and updating the philosophical, religious, scientific and political traditions. In particular, the avant-garde thought of the 21st century is important in the platform: the most open, non-dogmatic approach is required, presupposing a critical reception of concepts, concepts and practices that have developed on the best achievements of our culture. We see an urgent task in restoring the connection between political and religious action, engaged thought, creativity and invention. One of the main tasks of this platform is to determine the composition of a modern society based on the classification of a person according to the psychotypes of the polarization of the nervous system. Further revision of socio-religious theories is necessary, taking into account the present stage of development of antagonism between work, wealth, creativity, happiness and the duration of a person's life.

About the latter more - Gerontology in Quantum Psychology