3.9. Building an cosmic map and using it for teleportation

Human created maps from ancient times, trying to visualize the mutual position of the most diverse natural and socio-economic phenomena, various events and worlds. On all the maps that give the image of the Reality on the plane, there are some distortions that can not be eliminated. Nevertheless, the card has certain advantages.

The map of the Cosmos is a reduced generalized image of a multidimensional world on the plane showing the placement and relationships of cosmic phenomena with respect to a person selected and characterized in accordance with the purpose of the map. For example, the map allows you to look around the whole cosmos and travel in time and space.

The cosmos contains the following natural phenomena:
  •     Individuality
  •     Think
  •     Geometry (space)
  •     Vibration (oscillation)
  •     Correlation (relationships)
  •     Element (Creativity, Heat, Fundamentals, Change and Continuity)
  •     Physical matter
  •     Energy
  •     The causal world (time)
  •     Singularity (the junction of infinitely large with small and, conversely, or exclusivity)
Outside of these phenomena, there is Chaos or the Forerunner.

For the map of the Cosmos, there is a special mathematical anthropometric law of construction, when a person is directly laid in this model, an image of phenomena through a special sign system - anthropographic symbols, selection and generalization of the depicted phenomena (anthropographic generalization). The map of the Cosmos can be naturally viewed as a visual figurative-indicative model and interaction scheme of the Macrocosmos (Universe), Human and Elementary Particle (Microcosmos). This model has the basic features of models in general:

  1.     abstraction from the whole to explore a part - a specific area of ​​the multidimensional cosmos, specific phenomena and processes;
  2.     simplification, consisting in the refusal to take into account a multitude of characteristics and connections and in preserving some of the most significant;
  3.     generalization, which means the identification of common features and properties, and others.

These abstractions contribute to a deeper understanding of the phenomena depicted on the map of the Cosmos.

The first feature of the map of the Cosmos - construction with the help of anthropometric projections - allows you to get the correct data on the map on the multidimensionality, position, dimensions, path and shape of the space objects depicted.


Промежуточный этап эволюции антропокосмоса

Illustration. Anthropometric projections for the map of the Cosmos (schematically show the portals to other dimensions, as well as the characteristics of the occupied area of the Cosmos).
The second feature of the map of the Cosmos - the use of anthropometric signs as a special language of the map - enables:

    a) to depict the Cosmos with the desired reduction (i.e., in the desired scale) in order to encompass the necessary part or even the entire Cosmos with a single glance, while reproducing on the map those objects which, owing to the reduction, are not expressed in the scale of the map, but in their meaning should be displayed;
    b) show the topography of the Cosmos on the map (for example, using contours), i.e., transmit multidimensionality in a flat image;
    c) Do not limit yourself to displaying objects on the map of the Cosmos, but to indicate their internal properties (for example, on the map of Thoughts it is possible to show the physical properties of the thought, its flow, color, intersections of thoughts, relief, to which events lead and much more);
    d) show the spread of phenomena not directly perceived by our third signal system and sensory organs (for example, psycho-anomaly of the cosmos, etc.), and make visually observable connections and relationships (for example, between the sources of the Fire and the world state of the hydrosphere) ;
    e) exclude less significant parties, particulars and details specific to single objects, and highlight their common and essential features (for example, characterize a particular person in the map of the cosmos by his own name and cosmic significance for the transfer of his space-time position in any part of the world).

 116 Anthropocosmos (evolving in accordance with the development of the Tree of Life).
   110 Boundaries of awareness.
   ???? Unconscious.
   108 The moon is the result of the intersection of two anthropocosmos: the soul of man and the feminine Logos of our universe. Represents the relationship between the cosmos of the Human and the Demiurge of the Feminine Principle, enables the transition through teleportation to the anthropocosmos of the Universe and the existence of the demiurge of the Feminine Principle.
   109 Stars - the result of the intersection of loving beginnings of masculine and feminine, the transition into the anthropocosmos of the beloved or beloved.
   111 The sun - the possibility of a transition to the Tree of Life and ultimately teleportation into the cosmos of the Fire Demiurge. (The laws of the cosmos provide the possibility of manifesting the demiurge of otherness in our body, these are spiritual (quantum) hands and faces.) The element of Fire is one of the successful choices of the quantum face.
   112 Clouds are the result of the intersection of the anthropocosmos of the Human and the Logos of Thought; is the interconnection of the cosmos of Man and the Logos of Doom. (Demiurge Thoughts is one of the successful elections of a ring person).
   113 Representations of the mind. Around the Tree of Life our imaginary and imaginary images materialize.
   114 The Human Tree of Life (conditionally reminiscent of the earthly tree).
   115 Air of Eternity - a way out into the anthropocosmos element of the Wind, also represents the emotions and feelings of the inhabitants of the universe up to "Ґ" * magnitude. They breathe "leaves" The tree.
   118, 117; 119; 120; 123 The lateral roots in the grandiose space fabric, respectively, are determined and extracted from them: family relationships; future; perspective; relationships with others; independence. The quality of our relationships: bad or good, is determined by the roots. Thin - the roots are in place. Glorious - grow. Thus, our anthropo-cosmos is expanding.
   121 The first stone in the roots of the Tree of Life is formed by the intersection of the Anthropocosmos of Man and the elements of Earth; transition to the existence of the Demiurge of the Relationship.
   122 The second stone in the roots of the Tree is formed at the junction of the anthropocosmos of the Human and the cosmos of Demiurg Narayana (in the text, God the King). Logos Narayan defines the boundaries of knowledge and is responsible for the energy of knowledge of the unknown, that is, determines the independence of actions. The existence of Narayana utilizes a variety of energies that lead to illnesses, and can be a place of imprisonment of an unclean spirit and rational forces, such as fallen angels. Narayan is one of the best candidates who can be given the right to own a pair of quantum hands of his body.
   127 The third stone in the roots of the Tree of Eternity is the first access to the Forerunner. In Fig. the output to a different measurement is schematically shown, and also the characteristics of the occupied region of the Cosmos are given. The demiurge is Issia. For us, in the era of Cosmos, to master the techniques of teleportation, it is important to know this being. Here information is stored on the space-time tunneling; matrices of the physical body, due to which we decompose to the specified dimensions of the elementals during teleportation, move, then assemble; Issey also owns an artifact for the Forerunner's study.
   124 Threads from the roots (an indicator of penetration into otherness .This is in "stones", "springs", "seas" ...).
   125; 129 Underground streams - the relationship with the elements of Water. The First Demiurge is responsible for the depth of penetration of the Person in the Cosmos; The sound "oh" and "ah" spreads over the spring. The Second Demiurge brings freedom of action for Man.
   126 The core root is the penetration into the depth of being "1 / Ґ" dimensionality. Passes through several underground oceans. The demiurges of these worlds own artifacts for the study of the Forerunners. Through their cosmos, a person discovers the qualities of the energies of the svadhisthana from the Forerunner taken by the lotus.
   128 The soil of the Tree of Life. The sound of the exhalation "ha" brings softness to the soil. On this sound the Hatha Yoga exercises are based.
   130 Position of the Human Light in the Forerunner.
   131 The bottom of the soul or the junction of being infinitely large and of short length and duration.
   132 "Claw" of the soul. Thanks to this object, the person allows himself to judge and reveal the secret. This definition of original sin, weakness, hidden.
   132 "Claw" of the soul. Thanks to this object, the person allows himself to judge and reveal the secret. This definition of original sin, weakness, hidden.
   133 "Pooh" of the soul. Thanks to the artifact, the primary relationships in the upbringing of children are revealed.
   134 "Chamomile" of the soul. The artifact reveals the inclination and attraction of children, whose support allows them to bring up a mature personality.

Especially important is the third feature of the map of the Cosmos - selection and generalization of the depicted phenomena, or anthropographic generalization.

Rules for the construction of the Maps of Cosmos.

To build a map, several principles are used, based on the characteristic of the anthropocosmos:

1) Determination of the reference position or the reference point from which the "coordinates" (for example, the Soloviev anthropocosmos) are deposited.
2) Definition of the object to which we are building the map (for example, the center of the propagation of the energies of two-dimensional illusions).
3) Use as coordinates the name of the intersection objects of the anthropocosmos (cloud, sun, moon, star, stone, spring, sea ... see above) and the proper name of the demiurge (for example, the stone Issey).

Let's give a simple example: Solov'ev - the stone of Issey - the cloud of Zhaha - Zhah. This means that in Soloviev's anthropocosmos (item 1) there is a stone (item 2) that allows us to go to the anthropocosmos of the demiurge of Issey (item 3); in the latter there is a cloud (item 4) - this is an outlet to the anthropocosmos of Zhakh (item 5) and in the place of the ascent of the Tree through the heart center we enter the physical horizon of the life of the demiurge Zhakh.

The use of the proper name of the demiurge is due to the fact that there may be a lot of stones, stars, moons, etc. in the unit of the anthropocosmos. We also note that in the example given, there is no difference in the length and duration of "~ Ґ" and "~ 1 / Ґ" .

The reverse map from the demiurge Zhah to Solovyov looks as follows: Zhah - the stone Issey - the light of Solovyov - Solovyov (we are the Light, this is one of the eleven elements in the universe, nothing else we can be). The example means: in the Anthropocosmos of Zhah there is a stone that allows you to go to the anthropocosmos of the demiurge of Issia; in the latter there is light; light with the name Nightingales is an outlet to the anthropocosmos with the Human Tree of Eternity, in the place of the ascent of the Tree or the vagus thoracic nerve we exit into the physical layer of Solovyov's being. In the case of teleportation, we are from the universe of Zhah appear in another universe on the Earth in front of Soloviev.

A more complex example:
  • The Universe - the light of Issitha - the stone of Issey - the star Alla ... - the sea of ​​Atha - the demiurge Atch (the focus of the spread of two-dimensional illusions);
  • The Universe - the stone Issey - the star Alla - ... - the sea of ​​Atha - the demiurge Atch (the focus of the spread of two-dimensional illusions);
  • The Universe - the stone Issey - the spring Leah - ... - the sun Agga - the demiurge Agg (the focus of the spread of two-dimensional illusions).
Doubling appears on the destination objects. Thus, we get the map of the Anthropocosmos from "X" to "U," in this case, from our universe to the focus of the spread of two-dimensional illusions.

Wherever the destination was located, in the era of Queen Tamara, on the planet Uranus, in another universe, we can find a way to it, and, on the contrary, the road to us. The map constructed on the basis of the Anthropocosmos does not depend on time and space.

Multiplicity of universes and their classification

Due to the anthropic nature of the cosmos and the relationship with the main peripheral nerve plexuses, we can determine the position of our Universe (Metagalaxy) and classify (type) the universe according to the depth of occurrence.

Illustration. The world quark of human and the anthropometric projections of the map of the Cosmos for determining the types of universes.
Our universe with respect to the quark has a rather narrow spatial region ~ 43 orders of magnitude or ~ 10-15 - 1028 meters (from proton sizes to 10-fold Metagalaxy), which corresponds to the field of the thoracic nerve center; the goal of our Logos universe is the study the forms of life and their interrelations.

In the depth of matter with respect to the Metagalaxy are such universes: in more detail  4.6. The monad "I"and the definition of spiritual kinship

This map of the Cosmos is to some extent used in all spheres of activity of space civilizations. It is common knowledge that the Map of the Cosmos is a guide to multidimensional being, time, space, micro- and macroselves, parallel worlds. In the transport communication, they are the basis for communicative activities, design and transfer to the reality of the transport project. In the energy complex, the map of the Cosmos is necessary for the calculation and rational use of all cosmic phenomena. The map serves as an important tool for teaching understanding of the proportionality of the Reason and the Cosmos, for spreading knowledge about the world and for raising the general culture. Anthropographic study of the Cosmos is important in the localization of the spread of negative phenomena of Chaos.

Ґ is more Googolplex=10googol=10(10100)

A googol is the large number 10100. In decimal notation, it is written as the digit 1 followed by one hundred zeroes: 10 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000.