4.5. Code of conduct in the Cosmos

Fifth Lecture. Code of conduct in the Cosmos

Let's talk a little about your results on the fourth lecture "Physical contact with the Creator of the Universe".

Your results are in common with other researchers. It is a kaleidoscope of Etherlords and gods, this is the world of the Thought, which is a cloud consisting of threads through which thoughts flow. These are the Spiritual Teachers. Finally, the existence of the Living Darkness in which Iskra lives is the creator of our universe.

Indeed, it is almost impossible to physically see and receive a blessing from the Creator. Residents of the Universe refer to what happened as a miracle. Therefore, they will be trembling to look at your palms. Then they will say: Thank you!

In the future, in difficult circumstances, refer to the pristine energy of your palms. They recorded your personal covenants. For one person they may be: love others, be gentle towards the Forerunner, open new roads to the "stars", be a peacemaker and remember about your undisclosed opportunities. For another, SENSITIVITY and SENSITIVITY ...

We hope that many earthlings will have a personal covenant with the Creator.

The moral covenant with the Creator allows you to define a code of conduct in the Cosmos.

1) Look directly into the opponent's eyes to the second depth *.
* Usually, we talk to each other about our desires and decisions. This is a superficial layer of communication, as well as a superficial look at the essence of the matter. The deeper layer is to talk about the causes of decisions and desires, and, based on this, to seek the right approaches, advice, etc.

2) Above the worthy (honest) speakers are the Sky of Truth. So let you always have the Sky of Truth *.
* During a conversation or a relationship over people, clouds are located, which consist of threads of Thoughts. Over the conversing there may be thunderclouds - this indicates an early quarrel or aggression towards each other. There may be white clouds, most often meaning a pleasant relationship. Or maybe the Sky of Truth, which is a transparent sky, in which the sunbeams shine like water. This shows the unity of the conversing people with different horizons of the existence of the universe and the rapid discovery of Truth or the right decision.

3) Saying: "Horus," bring the meaning of its meaning to others *.
* This rule of behavior speaks about the need to be understandable to the opponent, which can be significantly lower than your level of development. The rule indicates the need to speak the language of the interlocutor.

4) There are many religious paths and rules for improvement. None of them have a preference for others and are individual, like a civilization and a person *.
* This rule is associated with the existence of many horizons of life, for example, representatives of the horizon cause-effect. For them, the path to the disclosure of psychophysical possibilities or perfection differs from the human due to a different structure of the body. Therefore, they have different formulas for evolution than for the earth.

Based on these common points of the code of conduct, relationships are built in the Cosmos.

5. Besides these, there are rules of conduct between a man and a woman, which are determined by the birth norm of a thin rainbow *.
* Near the life of a man is a mass of women and, conversely. In the relationships between different sexes new discoveries are made, new directions of science are born, a new technique is being built, there can be wars, and so on. To determine the relationship of cooperation between a man and a woman can be the birth norm of a rainbow, one of the kind of energies of Mind and Matter.

6. There are also personal commandments for every representative of cosmic civilization. For you, they can make a covenant with the Logos.
One of the examples of such commandments is the following: love those around you *, be gentle to the Forerunner **, open up new roads to the "stars", be a peacemaker *** and remember about your undisclosed opportunities.
* By love here is meant not words and a biblical setting in consciousness, but work with the energies of the petals of the prostatic plexus.
** Tenderness means not words and a biblical attitude in the mind, but work with one of the deepest petals of the prostatic plexus.
*** A peacekeeper is understood as the practice of working with the quantum sword of the creation of the world, which man gives birth to a psycho-regulation of the biofield of svadhisthana.

7) (For high representatives of cosmic mind) Study of the content of the true "I" *.
* High Etherlords have their own worlds, born from the energy of the Spark of their "I". In their worlds they are the Creators, and before changing the course of life outside, it is supposed to play out the situation in their own universe. Only after positive results, the Demiurge can affect the external environment. In other words, any decision regarding others should be checked for a consequence in their own world *.

 8) (Specifically for earthlings) Be attentive to your thoughts, words and actions. For by them you can kill life *.  It is important to note the unshakable law: who violated the freedom of choice of one's neighbor, that criminal. (Do not confuse freedom of choice with human freedom). This biblical and universal law is forgotten or missed by most people, committing a crime against honor and good.
* This point is related to the infantile age of earthlings in the Cosmos and focuses on the caution of attitudes towards the surrounding layers of life of Nature.


We wish you success!