2.3. Women's Jewelry Oleynik-Budina

Patent of Ukraine for Women's Jewelry Oleynik-Budina.

In short, a cut was created in which
  1.     diamond or superheavy glass glitters several times brighter than the diamond;
  2.     The product has traps for the rays of light for centuries, millennia and indefinitely, or records the surrounding world as a video camera;
  3.     glows in the dark;
  4.     decoration can be easily glued to the lips or other part of the body;
  5.     decoration has a gender and premium quality - strictly for the female sex or as an exceptionally high sign of the merit of a man in front of society.
Due to the novelty of this product, he was given an unofficial name "Astrouste". The concept contains two independent roots "astro" - the star, and "uste" - the lips.

The estimated cost of the product is from $ 20 to several tens of millions of dollars, depending on the diameter, the material from which the astrouste is made, the presence / absence and duration of the temporary reflection trap, the complexity of the jewelry work. An average of $ 200.

If each of the women on the globe (a woman on Earth about 3.5 billion people) once purchased such an ornament, the proceeds from the sale will be $ 700 billion, in Ukraine - several billion dollars.

More details with reference to the materials and the official patent of Ukraine - http://alligater.my1.ru/publ/41-1-0-519

The reference to the materials of Ukrpatent - ЖІНОЧА ЮВЕЛІРНА ПРИКРАСА ОЛІЙНИКА-БУДІНОЇ - http://base.uipv.org/searchINV/search.php?action=viewdetails&IdClaim=220577