2.2. Spacecraft with sub-light speed

Patent of Ukraine for flywheel Oleynik or starship with sub-light speed. In short, a new kind of wheel that:
  • the air - a vacuum cleaner and drier with a tenfold lower energy costs than any analog vacuum cleaner or drier, with sound swings wings of a bird, not 70 decibels, with the possibility of creating machines that go on ceilings and vertical walls, cleaning them, paint and dried; as well to improve the traction a regular car tires, car ...
  • water - a washing machine with a tenfold lower energy costs than any analog washer, with sound rotation whirlpool water after the descent of water - drier, not jumping as centrifuge;
  • in mercury - a new way traffic for cars, accumulating power station at rush hour, superhiroskop;
  • in the superfluid helium - a cosmic engines that develop a day sub-light speed without radiation and emission of harmful pollutants. Microwhirlwinds are appearing between the rotating impeller and a stationary smooth surface. They increase the torque and support rotation. A force of mutual attraction arises between the impeller and the stationary surface which is directly proportional to the density and inversely proportional to the viscosity of the environment. There is a colossal energy inside the flywheel in superfluid helium where the viscosity is close to zero. Temperature of the helium in the open space is close to that of the transformation to superfluid state. Helium is also one of the most abundant elements in space. The front of the ship catches helium, cools it down and supply it to the flywheel inside the engine system. Helium exhausts are later reused by other ships. A ship with the sub-light engine uses natural space conditions without emissions and radiation. This is a promising direction of our modern space technology and space for rapid development planets and human flight to the stars.

Assessment of global economic benefits from the use of patent provides a great number - many, many trillions of dollars ...

There are no analogs. The result of Oleynik's Fflywheel implementation is significant.

If you are interested in this proposal please let me know and I will organise a more detailed presentation of the project.

More details with reference to the materials and the official patent of Ukraine - http://alligater.my1.ru/publ/41-1-0-520

Link to the materials of Ukrpatent - flywheel Oleynik - http://base.uipv.org/searchINV/search.php?action=viewdetails&IdClaim=223407