Classical Yoga

The present Classical Yoga is based on 22 thousand documentary materials of direct internal investigations of the human nervous system performed by 121 researchers [1, 2].

Projection of activity of nerve plexuses and centers on the body (skin)

Admission to the school and college.
Inpatient education works all year round; academic education - from September to June.

General issues.
On the organization of the electronic version of "Classical Yoga" for activities, creative, health protection, increased life expectancy, development schemes and scientific disciplines of human activity.

(person who has ceased to learn, can not pass a school, if he does not change his view).

The first call.
What to learn and how to perform the lessons?

The first lecture (Important for every person).
How to choose the right target?..

The second lecture (Important).
How to set a goal and what to do to achieve it?..

The third lecture (Important for scientific study of oneself).
- By Alliga Ter: What is the focus of the mind?
- psychology: What does it mean concentration, which occupies the position will, self-control and mind?
- Yoga: What is sanyama?
- in Taoist technique: What is the concentration of "wu wei"?

For what and why pause?

The fourth lecture, Parasites of consciousness.
- By Alliga Ter: What prevents the nervous system management?
- in psychology: How to develop the focus of concentrations, willpower, self-control and purity of the depth of the Mind.
- Yoga: What prevents the conscious control of the chakras? Flares and samskara
- in Taoist technique: What prevents conscious energy management chi?

- on Christianity: What is God's grace?

The fifth lecture (The main thing for the correct direction of the evolution of oneself in self-control).

- By Alliga Ter: What shows the inner workings of the right direction?
- on neuroscience: Activity area crossing the longitudinal slit of the brain longitudinal cerebral fissure and central sulcus Sulcus centralis (Brodmann areas vertex 1, 2, 3 and 5).

- Yoga: Meaning of thousand-petalled Lotus or Sahasrara-Padma for the correct direction of domestic work.
- by Taoist technique: Value Bai Hui for the correct direction of domestic work.

Sixth Lecture (The main thing for understanding the surrounding world and understanding where to go next).
- By Alliga Ter: How to develop a silent mental state? What is the nature of sin?
- on neuroscience: How to express words and phrases to activate the central nervous system and the parasympathetic neuroes?
- Yoga: How to express words and phrases to meet the chakras?
- in Taoist techniques: How to express words and phrases to answer Qi energy?

Seventh Lecture (Important for disengaging blind faith and scientific approach to God.
- By Alliga Ter: How to use the nervous system for the criterion of communion with God? The first resonance.
- for neuroscience: Active and current resonance between precentral and postcentral sulcus (Latin gyrus postcentralis) and excellent share (Latin Superior lobulus parietalis ) or Brodmann areas between 4.5 and 6.
- Yoga: How to use the thousand-petalled lotus for communication with the Supreme?
- in Taoist techniques: How to use Tong Tien for communication with the Cosmic "I"?
- on Christianity: Communion with God the Father.

Eighth lecture: safety rules. (It is important to determine what or who the "I" is in the world).
- By Alliga Ter: Defining "what is man" and what plays the role of individual "I" for the nervous system? Safety rule to control the nervous system.
- in psychology: In the traditional definition of psychology Man is a tautology, as well a certain person does not contain circuits for practical research.
- Yoga: What is Atman?
- in Taoist technique: What is the energy of the Supreme "I"?
- on Christianity: What does God "Yahweh" (Yahweh)? Value of the first biblical commandment.

Ninth Lecture (It is important for each person to escape from the influence of hypnosis of the second signal system from the present culture).
- By Alliga Ter: How the human nervous system receives and formulates thoughts?
- on neuroscience: Active and current resonance of the frontal lobes (Frontal lobe) and partly parietal lobes (Parietal lobe) of the cerebral hemispheres of the human brain.
- by the Vedas: How manas chakra takes and formulates thoughts?
- in Taoist technique: How Bai Gui accepts and formulates thoughts?

- on Christianity: the Holy Spirit descends on a person?

EXAM SCHOOL Classical Yoga (academic degree Humanism Specialist / Specialist of Humanism, Sp.Hum.).
- By Alliga Ter: Using resonance parietal center, intuition as a criterion for creative problem solving.
- for neuroscience: Using current resonance of the frontal lobes (Frontal lobe) and part of the parietal lobe (Parietal lobe) of the cerebral hemispheres of the brain for insights.
- by the Vedas: The use of Manas Chakra.
- in Taoist technique: Using Bai Gui.
- on Christianity: The Descent of the Holy Spirit .

Sources of information:

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