Resonances of human nervous system

How and where to go next?

The semantic content of the term "humanism", "Intolerable Light" or "Truth" is a fundamental issue. His analysis helps to see the evolution, dynamics and matrix of the development of human and our society. In the Internet community Alliga Terra studies the phenomenon of humanism, for this we go beyond of the associations of the mind. We conduct the scientific humanitarian studies of the resonances of human nervous system:

  1.     For the increase the productivity of creative work,
  2.     To protect health and increase longevity,
  3.     For the development of scientific schemes and disciplines of human activity, where human is the standard of Being,
  4.     For the representations about the image of a human of the future,
  5.     For the scientific development of human for the successful colonization of the Cosmos,
  6.     For the Justice Judgment over history, religion, science, politics, business, people on the basis of the third signal system with the claw of the human soul to restore truth,
  7.     The creation of a worldview paradigm for the eternal existence of civilization,
  8.     For creative search, for new and new questions and answers. We try to write in a way so the children understand.


  1.  "I am". Thou shalt have no othe gods except, "I am".
  2.  Love thy neighbor "I am" as myself.
  3.  Seek and develop "I am", to be happy.
  4.  The soul is a scale of micro-universes,.. and macro-universes.
  5.  Thanks to the conscious soul, human is invariant to the infinite Cosmos and finds the only love.
  6.  The soul is associated with the breast of a person, whose branches and roots are woven into the human spinal cord.
  7.  The human body is perishable, so it can be revived.
  8.  The human nervous system has quantum phenomena.
  9.  Resonances of the arcs of the spinal cord in the lunar mind, responsible for a particular organ, revive the organ or give the human body immortality.
  10.  Human is a quantum autonomous ship between any worlds, where individuality is the captain, the organism is the ship's system, the soul is cosmic map to innumerable treasures.

These are the ten commandments for the court of honor, where our conscience judges the soul on the deathbed: the soul receives purgatory or paradise ...

If previously there were commandments for human survival, then these are commandments for our development and they are commensurate with the infinite Cosmos.

"I am" in ancient Hebrew is equivalent to יהוה, in the Latin transcription YHWH or translated as "Dominus". A synodal translation of the Bible, as a rule, conveys the YHWH tetragram with the word "Lord". English translates the tetragram YHWH as "the Lord thy God". Accordingly, in the biblical commandments. In fact, YHWH translates "I am Existing" or simply "I am."

"I am" is a monad of "I" or, literally, a living Spark of Light, thanks to which we distinguish between Light and Darkness, Good and Evil. Not to be confused with the earthly "I", which identifies itself with the desires of the physical body or with selfishness. From sincerity, your "I am" is filled with energy, a big explosion occurs and from its singularity it spawns the universe with the goal that "I am" sets, or acts as the law of expediency / beauty of the lesser natural phenomenon of the universe in infinite Cosmos, for example, the planet Earth.

The two "I" are the individuality that each of us has. Hence the commandments of the love: 1) I am, let you have no other gods except I am. 2) Love thy neighbor "I am" as myself.

To clarify what you read, answer the questions: how does a person differ from any terrestrial animal and cosmic mind?

The choice is yours.

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