Resonances of the nervous system and abilities of the Human

The semantic content of the term "Create and Make miracles" is a fundamental issue. His analysis helps to see the evolution, dynamics and matrix of the development of human and our society. In the Internet community Alliga Ter studies the phenomenon of humanism, for this we go beyond of the associations of the mind. We conduct the scientific humanitarian studies of the resonances of human nervous system:

  1.     For the increase the productivity of creative work,
  2.     To protect health and increase longevity,
  3.     For the development of scientific schemes and disciplines of human activity, where human is the standard of Being,
  4.     For the representations about the image of a human of the future,
  5.     For the scientific development of human for the successful colonization of the Cosmos,
  6.     For the Last Judgment over history, nations, religion, politics, business, people on the basis of the third signal system with the claw or the eagle's beak of the human soul to restore justice and truth,
  7.     For creative search, for new and new questions and answers. We try to write in a way so the children understand.

Made from the best of my original materials with the help of Google Translator.
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