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Steel Pages - the assignment: make an object to hold a ball in the light, in 3 different places




Self-supporting wall - using wet clay, I formed a wall that would stand without any supports, thin enough to show the warp of gravity.  Rolled up paper tubes stuck into the clay highlight the path of the wall's curvature.

Tube House - the first part of my master's thesis, unrelated to the end result.  I spent 4 months rolling and gluing these paper tubes together.  Each of these objects was anchored to a simple template; the first - a right angle, second - an arc and a straight line, third - a half circle.  As I piled on paper tubes, they took on different shapes.  The white "bubbles" underneath the objects are their shadows and pinpricks of light running through.  I did not set out to design something that looked like a clam or a saxophone, and unfortunately the project ran away from me.  What follows is a beautiful mess.