Lineaments, a glossary

When you make judgements on beauty, you do not follow mere fancy, but the workings of a reasoning faculty that is inborn in the mind.

Let us therefore begin thus: the whole matter of building is composed of lineaments and structure. All the intent and purpose of lineaments lies in finding the correct, infallible way of joining and fitting together those lines and angles which define and enclose the surfaces the surfaces of the is the function and duty of lineaments... to prescribe a graceful order for whole buildings and their constituent parts...

It is quite possible to project whole forms in the mind without any recourse to the material by designating and determining a fixed orientation and conjunction for the various lines and angles. Since that is the case, let lineaments be the precise and correct outline, conceived in the mind, made up of lines and angles, and perfected in the learned intellect and imagination.

- Leon Battista Alberti, On the Art of Building in 10 Books. Translated by Joseph Rykwert et. al.

What is it men in women do require?

The lineaments of gratified Desire.

What is it women do in men require?

The lineaments of gratified Desire.

- The Question Answered, by William Blake