Please note: web formatting AutoCAD can be tricky, plase excuse color distortion.

Winged House - Dominican Republic, 2007.  The assignment was to design a house for a poor neighborhood in the Dominican Republic, bearing in mind the occasional damaging hurricane season and the hot and humid climate. The design is simple - light, airy wings that contain most of the living spaces, and a more permanent inner brick core - storage for personal belongings.  The wings were designed to retract in cases of severe weather and protect the family and their valuables.
How the wings close - as always, please click on thumbnail for detailed view:

Yellow Cube Project, 2006.  A studio project, the brainchild of Yun Gal.  Each of us designed a 4'x4'x4' cube which was incorporated into various formations in Cowgill Hall, Virginia Tech.  Photo included:


Spirograph Template, 2007.  Attempted design for cycloid template - used to draw a copy of Louis Kahn's Kimbell musem.  Since the vaults trace a circuit across a horizon, instead of a fixed point like a circle or two fixed points, like an elipse, I needed a special tool.  This was designed to be cut out of lexan on a laser printer.